Urgent help required! How to recover a document

  tingle 22:07 21 Feb 2004

My PC won't boot up Windows XP. I've managed to get as far a dos screen using the start-up disk, but I have no idea how to use dos. I have a word document that I need to copy from this computer onto another so that I can continue working on it. I would be eternally grateful if someone could explain how I go about locating this document and copying it onto either floppy disk or USB pen drive while in dos.

Many thanks in advance.

  fitshase 22:24 21 Feb 2004

type in (don't type in <enter> just press the enter key):-

cd\ <enter>

dir *.doc /s <enter>

Find out which directory it is in. If abc.doc is in a folder called "docs":-

cd docs <enter>

copy abc.doc A:\ <enter>



  Pikachu 22:30 21 Feb 2004

If you are unlucky in using DOS if you have a friend or family PC you can borrow you can get your file that way. Take your harddrive out make sure you place it in a anti-static bag as you dont want to fry it. Place it in the new computer as a slave (change the jumper for your current drive from master to slave) and connect the IDE and Power cable. Your harddrive should be detected by Windows on boot just trace the file your after. I hope this is of some help.

  Pikachu 22:41 21 Feb 2004

If you are to find your .doc through the method I mentioned above. Ensure you place the drive that doesnt boot from OS as a slave drive and to a Slave IDE cable. As the PC requires to boot up through an existing OS that works

  tingle 22:52 21 Feb 2004

...when I try to access the relevant folder (in this case iys called 'data') by typing

cd data

I get told access is denied. I am logged on as the administrator so I'm very confused... any ideas?

  tingle 23:08 21 Feb 2004

...or would this overwrite documents or make them inaccessible?

  Pikachu 23:39 21 Feb 2004

If you format your harddrive you risk losing your data along with most other applications. I have had to re-install Windows XP before when I had a corrupted file I didn't lose any of my document files. Although you will need to choose the right options during the re-install, as you have the option to repair or do a clean install. You are better off plugging the harddrive that doesnt boot as a slave as I suggested in the earlier responses, then when you copy the required files you can do a fresh install of the OS.

  fitshase 13:14 23 Feb 2004

is the "data" folder on the c: drive itself or is it within another folder, e.g., my documents?

If it is within my documents, you would need to find the DOS name of the my documents folder (I think it is mydocu~1) in which case you would type:-

cd\ <enter>

cd mydocu~1 <enter>

cd data <enter>

copy abc.doc A:\ <enter>



  tingle 11:05 01 Mar 2004

Had to reinstall Windows in the end, but fortunately recovered all data. Many thanks for suggestions

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