Urgent help required with email problem

  golfpro 07:35 02 Feb 2004

Over the last week or so I have been getting quite a lot of email messages (about twenty a day,) with a "Returned Mail" thread. These come from various email companies Yahoo, AOL, etc. etc. some of them have attachments added. Last week my Norton AV picked up a possible Virus attack on one of my emails which I isolated, I have not opened any of these mails just deleted them, plus I have not sent any emails in the last four or five days and then only two and these went through OK. I have run my AV (Norton, up to date) every day and it has found nothing, I also have ZoneAlarm running in the background. My computer seems to be running as normal apart from this email problem. So is this just a bad case of SPAM or do I have something NASTY lurking in my system somewhere, Also could it be that somebody who has my email address on their computer and who has been attacked, is sending out infected emails which purport to come from me, and these are being returned to my email address. Please help if you can its driving me round the twist.

  daivey 07:45 02 Feb 2004

yeah we had the same thing happen last week, only it stopped after one day. It was a bunch of zipped up files attached, most of them just called 'doc'.
You're not alone... I've no idea how to go about sorting it out though, it may just run its course and stop after a while...

  golfpro 08:00 02 Feb 2004

Thanks daivey, anyone else had this problem, and how long did it go on for????

  woodbexhill 08:03 02 Feb 2004

I think this may be something to do with the "mydoom" virus, but please don't take my word for it. Maybe look that virus up on Google.

  DIYgirl 09:01 02 Feb 2004

I had the same thing happen to me last week. I got 10-15 messages "returned" which Norton decided had a virus in them, and cleaned up for me before I deleted them.

I ran a Mydoom virus checker and my computer was found to be clean. I was advised by someone on this board (sorry, can't remember who, but thank you very much for the advice!) that it was probably caused by someone else's computer being infected: that their computer had my email address on board, and the virus had hijacked it in some wya.

Anyway it has stopped now. But there were a few interesting threads on this virus posted last week. I read a link given which said that there is a critical time for this virus: that it will stop replicating at a particular date, 12 February sticks in my mind but I hope taht someone more organised and aware than I am will post clearer information!

  golfpro 09:16 02 Feb 2004

Any more info on the date this may stop.

  Bagsey 10:41 02 Feb 2004

If you read this, go to the bottom of the thread and you will find some explanation of the emails.

click here

Also see my posting on the strange email that I got.

click here

This is really weird.

  Gemma 13:20 02 Feb 2004

Assume some people have your details in their address book and get infected by Doom.

Doom will create an email addressed to someone randomly chosen from the infected persons address book with a randomly chosen email address from the same address book as the fake sender(which may be you). Doom adds the "payload", i.e. a copy of itself, and sends the email.

When it is received, a virus protection program will see the infected attachment and generate a return email (to you as the spoofed sender).

This advises you that you may be infected which, in most cases, is not true. The technique was originally designed to warm potential virus victims so that they coud take action. It is not such a good technique for Worms. Given that Worms are so variable, it is unlikely in the short term that a containment technique can be devised and implemented by the various manufacturers of protection software.

In the meantime just delete suspicious emails, delete any attachments they have, use protection to ensure you are clean. The protection should be an antivirus system, regular scans with the likes of Adaware, Spybot etc. (lots of guidance in this forum) and a Firewall for belt and braces.

NEVER give way to the temptation to have a look inside something suspicious just out of interest!

  golfpro 13:37 02 Feb 2004

Gemma: exactly what I suspected, I telephoned someone today who I knew had my Email address on their computer, and I suspected was the source of my problems, as many of the emails were coming from this country. I was right, they have been infected, I have instructed them to delete my address from their computer email files, I don't know if this Will stem the flow of infected emails to me, I just hope so.

  jordi2 13:55 02 Feb 2004

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