curlylad 22:45 10 May 2004

The last few days I have been getting emails that mailwasher suggests have got a possible virus , sure enough my AVG free edition confirms the I-Worm/Netsky.D virus.I then am told that AVG has healed them and no more problem. Today I again had a suspicious email that mailwasher said was a possible virus , but before anything else could happen I ran AVG that confirmed again the same virus but said it could not remove it .
Why could it remove the same virus 5 times previously and not today , and what do I do now to get rid of it, please help
P.S. Win XP Home , and if it helps I can give the name of the file it is in , it has only infected one file.

  hugh-265156 22:51 10 May 2004

disable system restore maybe and run another scan.

re enable again after deleting anything found.do not heal just delete.

  hugh-265156 22:53 10 May 2004


"mailwasher suggests have got a possible virus"

are you sure???

  curlylad 22:56 10 May 2004

When I looked at the emails in mailwasher , it said that one was a possible virus.

  spuds 22:57 10 May 2004

For more info on virus's and removal click here

  User-312386 22:57 10 May 2004

try deleting the e-mail message first then run AVG

  curlylad 22:59 10 May 2004

Done that already , no good.

  curlylad 23:00 10 May 2004

Quickest or easiest way to disable system restore please?

  stalion 23:01 10 May 2004

try this click here

  powerless 23:01 10 May 2004
  hugh-265156 23:02 10 May 2004

ah..AVG said it may be a virus?

i may be wrong but if you are only opening the mail in mailwasher then its still on your isp`s server so i dont think avg would detect it untill you try to download it.

not that that helps you

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