Urgent Help needed - Win XP Home edtition

  deneka 21:57 19 Jan 2005


I have my brother on the telephone and he's having huge problems intially with NTL broadband installation and now with his whole pc in general.

This is his first attempt at getting online and its all gone wrong.

He inserted the NTL broadband disc, after ensuring that the modem and all cables we're correctly plugged in. Followed the instructions on the disc and entered a PID code and password that he was given by the NTL man.This kep't telling him the code was incorrect and then he received a pop up telling him that he was infected with Spyware and a virus. He has never been on the internet before and didn't think he was even connected at this time.

He switched the computer off and called me, I told him to switch it back on and when he did was faced with a black screen and white writing.

listing the following options :

safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompts, last known good configuration (your most recent settings that worked), start Windows normally

he said it looked as though he needed to highlight an option but nothing worked (the system seemed frozen) he said.

Now he cannot even get into his pc or onto windows or anything let alone the internet.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

  howard60 22:23 19 Jan 2005

with ntl you need to have the modem unplugged until told to plug it in and switch on and off etc. Tell him to keep restarting the system and it may repair itself I sometimes have to restart up to 10 times. If this fails and he is unable to get into safe mode he will have to put his windows cd in and boot from it. 1 option is then to repair windows rather than reinstall. Not that it is any comfort but I was really pleased when I moved and came off ntl.

  deneka 22:30 19 Jan 2005

Thanks Howard, I don't think he did what you said about keeping it unplugged.

To be honest I think he was so excited about finally having the internet, he went steaming in there. lol

Will give him a call now and relay what you have told him.

So what he's getting with black screen, is nothing to do with a virus that hes been warned is on there?? I mean theres no long term damage to the pc itself???

  deneka 22:45 19 Jan 2005


he's put in XP disc and booted from that. Comes up with

1. restore WinXP
2. Boot to command prompt from CD

Hes tried both and it says :

Bad command or file name.


  Djohn 23:13 19 Jan 2005

The first thing to do is get windows displaying on screen. Disconnect from modem and reboot the PC, if it comes up with the options screen at the command prompt as in your first post tell him to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight the options and press the enter key to accept.

First off, try, last known good configuration. If that doesn't work, then try safe mode with networking.

The latter should at least give him a working display, please post back and let us know if, and which one has worked then someone will offer further advice. If we can get the PC back to how it was before he made the attempt to connect the broadband then one of the members who has cable broadband will talk you through the set-up.

  deneka 23:45 19 Jan 2005

Last known configuration, came up with a black screen and nothing else.

Safe mode with networking came up with the following :

Multi (0) disk (0) rdisc (0) partition (1) \ windows \ system32

on most of them .

some others say after windows bit \ apppatch
FONTS, drivers , drives.. various things.

seem to be different, one long list is how he is describing it, all the way down the screen. So from there he is not sure what to do.

Further help appreciated.

  jules52 00:42 20 Jan 2005

I'm with NTL Broadband and am very aware at how twitchy the setup can be. When its working its brill but if you have to reinstall as I did a couple of days ago it took me 3 hours. NTL do nice little things to help - like changing your original pin code - without telling you. Assuming that your brother gets his PC up and running tell him to follow the on screen instuctions TO THE LETTER. If he's running from a modem a handy little tip is to turn the modem of at the power and leave for a minute and then turn it back on - it will take a couple of minutes to fully actvate.

  Djohn 02:09 20 Jan 2005

I'm really not sure what the best course of action is from here seeing that your brother had the XP CD in and attempted to boot from that, I don't know what, if any, software changes it may have made.

As howard60 says above, you need to install the software before connecting the hardware and because your brother tried it the other way round it will have caused a few conflicts with drivers if nothing else.

It also depends on how far he went with the XP disk in the drive. I don't think all is lost though so wait for advice from other members on what to try next. It will probably be only a matter of inserting the XP disk and doing a SFC but please wait for confirmation.

  swapper 08:00 20 Jan 2005

If he is now having trouble with his start up, perhaps you could download a startup floppy for him click here

  deneka 09:39 20 Jan 2005

Thanks everyone, am speaking to him this morning again. As far as I know its still not sorted, or he would have called me.
Someone said about doing System Restore, problem is that he cannot in anyway access Windows to even get the start button, bottom, left to do a system restore. Its very frustrating. He did say that he'd call NTL to see if someone could come out.
but A) I don't know if they will charge him
and B) I don't know if they can do anything it, as he cannot get on his pc atall really.

I could try d/l a startup disc for him. But I thought that, that would do exactly the same as the WinXP disc that he has.

I don't think he proceeded far with the XP disc in drive, as at the first mention of loosing everything on his pc, he took the disc out and closed the PC down.

  dan11 09:45 20 Jan 2005

If your brother can get to safe mode command prompt > type >


and enter.

This will start the System Restore screen.

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