urgent help needed on refilling Canon pixma ip4300

  notrom 11:37 30 Nov 2007

Have just purchased a Canon Pixma ip4300 and it's telling me that the yellow ink tank is empty. Having purchased compatible cartridges from Choice Stationery, I attempted to change cartridge for the first time; when I removed the 'empty' yellow cartridge there seems to be plenty of ink left.

Am in a bit of a panic because I very urgently need to print out a document - have tried to find my way round the on-screen Canon instructions but have got a bit lost/confused.

Can anyone advise? Surely the yellow cartridge should be empty?

  Taff™ 11:57 30 Nov 2007

Make sure the sponge at the nozzle is moist, try it with a piece of kitchen towel. Then replace the tank and make sure it clips down firmly. I would then run the Nozzle Check from the maintenance tab in the printers properties.

  notrom 12:13 30 Nov 2007

Thank you so much, Taff. Followed instructions and Big Bingo - printer working again! Any idea why I should get a false message so soon (two weeks) after purchasing printer?

  Taff™ 12:26 30 Nov 2007

No Idea! I`ve got the IP4000 which is very similar and never had the problem. Can only suggest that the yellow cartridge may have sprung out of the print head and the sponge dried out a little making the sensors think it was empty. The clips are a little flimsy and I usually pull them away from the tank body a little before snapping them into place.

  notrom 13:24 30 Nov 2007

Managed to print 19 pages of b/w text before the same thing happened again. Repeated instructions and persuaded it to print a dozen or so more before it happened again. Repeated instructions perhaps a dozen times to persuade it to print. This is turning into a right old pain!

  Taff™ 16:55 30 Nov 2007

OK Don`t panic! These are very good printers but the initially installed cartridges may have been around for a while. As you posted previously, you have Choice Compatiples available. (They have never been a problem with my printer.)

Check the cartridges as per my previous post, If nothing improves, then just replace the lot with the the Choice ones.

If you still have a problem go to maintenance and run "Nozzle Check" Then "Bottom Plate Cleaning" Followed by "Nozzle Check" again and then "Deep Cleaning" followed by an alignment procedure.

Bye the way, are you printing a document that is one colour intensive? i.e. lots of black or another colour? In which case you need to rethink.

If after all that it`s still not working I suggest you take the printer back!

  notrom 18:59 30 Nov 2007


Sorry I've been a while responding - we have builders in reducing the size of our bathroom (which is adjacent to my office where the Canon is - the high levels of dust may well account for my problems) and I've been preoccupied sorting them out.

Thanks for more helpful advice - at the moment the yellow warning light is not flashing, so fingers crossed. The document I was printing is black text with a few bits of text in blue, something off the internet - not quite sure why I should rethink, it's always just the yellow ink that's problematic.

Anyway, thank you once again for your kind help. By the way, apart from aforementioned problems, I'm delighted with the printer - a massive, massive improvement on my Epson 46C which can't have lasted more than 18 months and was never very satisfactory.

Best regards


  ERIC C 17:46 16 Dec 2007

I have had the problem with compatible cartridges in my new Canon iP4500, which prints beautifully. There is help in the On-screen guide, which is loaded from the CD-ROM. Under 'Users guide'; 'Routine maintenance'; 'Replacing ink tank' you will find instructions.
There is also a help sheet on Choice Stationery's web site in the section on these cartridges.However, you are left with a disabled chip, so you have to watch the printout for signs that the ink is running out.
My local helpful supplier of accessories tells me there is no way round this, as yet. Some years ago he sold me a chip resetter that set a partly used Epson cartridge back to full, so that I could use all the in in it. The Canon chips are different, and I presume Choice can't reproduce them, so there seems to be scope for someone to make a resetter.

  kindly 17:58 16 Dec 2007

I have the same printer. I have not had the same problem with original cartriges but when I have changed them at the end of their life for compatible ones there can be a bit of bother.
Some tips....when ready to change the original make sure you take off the little chip on the bottom front of the original and put it onto the compatible one.
After you do this the cartrige will work fine. The printer however will still count down to the total empty point and then give you a warning. It also tells you what to do as far as resetting the printer so it will use the compatible ones, BUT it does give you a warning about them.
The onscreen warning about how much ink is left also does not work and always shows empty, so keep a check of what you use. I get my compatibles from click here and find them ok and cheap but still do decent photos.
Hope this is some help to you.

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