urgent help needed

  Chewie100 17:10 02 Feb 2003

I am trying to access my companies website files through ftp, but the files are not being displayed as icons, only as text. There is also a warning from the provider (BT) telling me that changing any files could be illegal etc.. I have done this without any problem on the works computer which runs Win'98. I am using XP. So far I have tried deleting cookies and all temporary internet Files, I have also turned off Firewall in security settings in the 'connect to' sub directory. Could this simply be a a case of changing the view options? I need Icons, not text!!

  Lú-tzé 17:42 02 Feb 2003

What is your ftp program? There should be an option there to do what you want.

If you are getting there via the ftp option in IE, what is the version?

(I am not quite sure, but you may not get many answers because of the title of your thread - people seem to react against it. But as there are so many new posters each day, I try to give an answer if I can.)

  Chewie100 17:59 02 Feb 2003

i am simply typing in the ftp address straight into the address bar in IE (i assume its IE ver. )8

  Lú-tzé 18:04 02 Feb 2003

If it is IE and on XP, then I assume IE6.

Have a look in IE help for FTP suggestions or read this:

To access FTP sites directly:

In the Address bar, type the Internet address (URL) for the FTP site you want to connect to. For example:
click here

To download a file or folder, right-click the item on the page, and then click Download To.
To log on as a different user to this FTP site, click the File menu, and then click Login As.

To rename or delete items in an FTP folder, or paste items into an FTP site (upload), you can use the same commands and actions you use with Windows Explorer or My Computer.


On some FTP sites, you can only view or download files. Only the people who run or own the site can rename, delete, or upload files.
On many FTP sites, you are automatically logged on anonymously, so you can view or download files. To upload, rename, or delete files, you may need to log on using a special username and password. Also, different areas of the same site may require different logons.
You cannot move files within or between FTP sites. You can move files from an FTP site to a temporary location on your computer or a network drive and then upload them to another FTP site or different folder on the same site.
Some programs may support opening and saving files from FTP servers by typing an FTP address in the File Open or File Save dialog box.

Sorry that I cannot do any more... maybe if you begin a thread entitled "ftp access/viewing problems" you will get some help.

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