Urgent help needed

  marilynbell 12:56 14 Mar 2004

Last night I installed Microsoft JVM( I already had it on my old computer) I also downloaded an update from Windows, now when I come to switching on this monrning I had a terrible job to try and start the machine also my DVD drive has vanished, I cannot open it and it has disappeared from the list on my C Drive however when I tried to install as new hardware it is coming up in the list. I think this Java program must be interfering with it, but I don't now how to unistall it as it is not coming up in my add and remove programe also when I search for it I cannot fing an unistall anywhere help please!

  Cuddles 13:08 14 Mar 2004

Have you checked your system for bugs and virus, as several of the latest ones can cause the problems you are getting.

  marilynbell 13:12 14 Mar 2004

Jusr done a full scan and there is nothing on my computer can anyone give me advice on how to unistall the java as this has happened before with another program but I was able to uninstall that quite easily

  menorcarob2 13:18 14 Mar 2004

have you tried a system restore

  marilynbell 13:32 14 Mar 2004

God how thick am I, I'll do that now wish me luck

  marilynbell 13:43 14 Mar 2004

No luck I'm awfully disappointed, when starting up I'm having a hell of a job to get it going and on the start screen it is saying Sec Master Drive ATAPI incompatible press f1 to resume as I say everything was fine until I installed JVM I'm sure that's what's causing the prob if only I could figure out a way to get rid of it

  User-312386 13:49 14 Mar 2004

i assume you mean the javaruntime to remove it go to start>control panel>add/remove programmes and reove it from there

thats if you are running XP

  marilynbell 13:54 14 Mar 2004

It's not listed in the add remove that's the problem the Sun one was but I removed that and put the microsoft one on that was on my other computer and now I cant get rid of it

  dave h 14:32 14 Mar 2004

I'm not sure if this will be of any help to you, but it might. I got it from a recent newsletter (I can't remember which!)

Installing Sun Java and removing MS Java

In my last post [which was actually a couple of weeks ago] I told you how to download and install Sun's official version of Java but forgot to tell you what you should do with your Microsoft Java Virtual Machine AFTER the installation. Whoops!

This may sound kind of strange, but my gut feeling is that you should *NOT* uninstall the MSJVM. Rather, you should abandon it in place.

Here's why. Uninstalling Windows components, even ones that are going to die in September, is a fool's errand if only because you have no idea if the uninstall is going work. The worst case scenario is that you could unintentionally break Windows in the process. And that's a risk I'm just not willing to take.

Instead, to make sure your Microsoft Java Virtual Machine is sent off to its own private Siberia, download and install the Sun version of Java and then

1. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options.
2. Click on the Advanced tab.
3. Scroll down to the Java settings and make sure there is a
checkmark next to Use Java 2 v1.42_03 for <applet>
4. Scroll down Microsoft VM and uncheck everything.
5. Click on OK.

After that,

1. Open your PC's control panel. (Start > Settings > Control Panel; Start > Control Panel in XP)

1a. If you have XP and your Control Panel is a purple page asking you to Pick a Category, click on Switch
to Classic View in the upper left corner of the page.

2. Double-click on the Java Control Panel icon. (If you have two Java Control Panel icons, click on purple and
red one not the black, white, and red one that looks like a ouija board pointer).
3. It'll take a while for the control panel to open, but when it does click on the browser tab.
4. Make sure there is a checkmark next to all of the browsers that you use.
5. Click on apply and then close the control panel.

Then, restart your computer. That's it. :)

I hope this helps!

  marilynbell 15:04 14 Mar 2004

No luck I'm afraid on the start screen I'm getting Sec Master Drive ATAPI incompatible so hence I'm having problems starting up as I have to bypass it, it's also not appearing in my computer although it is in the device manager as working ok checked for new drivers and all that is ok. the light is on it all the time although I can't open it and now it's driving me nuts

  Forum Editor 15:17 14 Mar 2004

and find the drive.

Remove it.

Reboot, and watch the BIOS detect it.

See if that does the trick.

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