!!!Urgent!!!! Help with buying Laptop

  sam_b_444 14:06 10 Dec 2005

I just wanted to ask among the well brand Laptop such as Sony, Fujitsu Siemens and Dell with same specifications which one is better and reliable?

Many Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 14:13 10 Dec 2005

There is no answer to that question - they are all good machines.

If I had to go for one of those, it would be Dell as Sony are somewhat overpriced, I think. FS I have little experience of; personal favourite is Toshiba.

  Skills 14:15 10 Dec 2005

Ive seen sony laptops I think there very nice, I have a fujitsu one myself and it feels well built as has the sony ones that ive seen. Personally ive never used a dell laptop so cant comment on them.

The one occassion ive had to use fujitsu support they were very quick and sorted my problem out with no fuss.

I think you'll probably pay slightly more for the sony as you are paying for there branding but as I said they are nice laptops.

  Modo 15:28 10 Dec 2005

Dell tend to do well as a corporate supplier. They have a bit of a reputation for being good as long as they are going. Consummer pricing can be a bit sly. the advertised model is often very cheap but to upgarde to what you really want can be a little over the odds.

As Diodorous says sony command a price premium. But do look at their website to buy direct. Models due for replavement can be very competitively priced on their website. If you don't need the fastest cpu and the latest configuration they can be good value.

Don't know much about Fujitsu. They don't have any great reputation for robustness. That may explain why they are advertising the new model as being the best of Japanese innovation and German build quality.

You've missed out IBM (Lenovo or whatever it is now called) and Toshiba. Corporate buyers rate these two alongside Sony as the best for build quality. I've got a Tosh SatPro which I use as well as a JVC mininote. The SatPro doesn't look too solid but it has been a very succesful design and the pricing of current models based on that case are now very attractive indeed. Value for money I'd look closely at Tosh SatPro and the Lenovo Thinkpads.

If you want something really robust then the Tosh Portege and the other higher price point Tosh's are winners (by the way the little JVC is fabulous and the build quality is first rate, but it isn't an easy keyboard to use.)

  interzone55 16:35 10 Dec 2005

I personally have used IBM laptops for sometime, their ThinkPad range is now made by Lenovo, and as far as I can tell they're still as well made as ever.

I have two ThinkPad's at home, both fairly old, but still going strong. I have a 3 year old T23 which is fantastic for my needs, and my wife has an antique 360D, which has never caused any problems in it's 7 years.

ThinkPads are a little like Dell, in that the headline price is low, but so is the basic spec. To get the latest all singing all dancing models will demand a considerable premium, but you pay for the build, screen and keyboard quality (what you don't pay for is a Windows key, still missing from IBM keyboards)

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