Urgent help for Acronis TI 11 novice.

  john bunyan 14:23 01 Feb 2009

System: XP Pro plus MCE, SP3, .NET Framework 3.5 with update. Master Primary drive partitioned C:\ 80 Gig for system, F:\ 240 Gig for data (My Documents.) Secondary (Slave) Drive, same size but G:\ 240 Gig and H\: 80 Gig. Not having understood imaging etc, I have been in the habit , once a week, to clone the primary to the slave with ACR 11 Auto, and it somehow gives a mirror image (I let it delete partitions), so the system ends up on the H drive, and data on the G.
Now because of a series of problems I want to clone from the secondary to the primary.
If I just do it in auto mode , will I end up with the system on C; at 80 Gig ? I would have liked to just clone the H: to the C: (both 80 gig) but ACR seems not to allow this in clone mode in Tools.
In future I will try to master imaging as forum members have suggested.Can I go ahead ?? NB secondary drive in removable built in caddy - usually switched off.

  Technotiger 14:52 01 Feb 2009

For a start you are using the wrong terminology, Cloning is for when you want to move your OS to a larger drive, and then keep that larger drive as you main C: drive - usually physically swapping the drives after cloning, then keeping the original drive as spare capacity.

What you want to do, as I understand it, is to Backup your Main C: drive on to a separate drive in the caddy. This is the correct way to do it.

What you should do is Backup Your OS C: plus your Documents Data F: This will result in one Image which you would save to your external drive.

It is pretty straightforward, just choose to backup and save as above, using all the Default settings of Acronis. Don't try altering anything, just let it do its own thing. It is not even necessary to give your Backup a Name or a Password (I never do).

Remember to Validate your Backup once completed.

  john bunyan 14:59 01 Feb 2009

Technotiger. Thanks and I will do what you say for the future, but the situation I have right now is as advised by a shop. I have a clone - not an image on my slave drive, and want to put that back on the primary drive. Can I not somehow boot to the secondary drive and clone it to the primary one, short of physically moving it ? My knuckles are duly rapped for doing it the wrong way, but I am where I am!

  Technotiger 15:09 01 Feb 2009

Cannot be done that way - a Clone is made Directly to the Drive for which it is intended. A Clone is not something you save to move to a drive at a later date.

Shops (salesmen) don't always know what they are talking about!

  john bunyan 15:49 01 Feb 2009

Technotiger. Guess I will have to physically swap the drives - that should work, shouldn't it? The s;ave would become the masted with the set up from a week ago (I hope)

  john bunyan 15:55 01 Feb 2009

Technotiger Sorry for spelling slave, master.

  Technotiger 16:22 01 Feb 2009


  john bunyan 16:30 01 Feb 2009

Thanks very much. Will do as you say for imaging in future!

  john bunyan 11:52 02 Feb 2009

Technotiger - or other experts.
Can I Tell the BIOS to boot to the slave drive, then clone it with ATI to the former primary drive, then tell the BIOS to go back to normal? That, if it would work, would save having to physically swap drives. If it is possible , is there a step by step guide to this?
Several software problems have happened - a false trojan in AVG8, and the .Net Framework 3.5 update, etc have led me to wanting to do this as system restore was put out of action by purging the false positive, and i foolishly did a clone rather than an image..

  Technotiger 12:37 02 Feb 2009

You could alter the Order of Boot in the BIOS so that your Slave drive (with a copy of the OS on it) might boot first. In which case, no harm in trying to then Clone it to any other Drive preferably in a USB Enclosure.

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