URGENT Floppy disk failure

  Porcy 08:01 26 Apr 2004

Please please help. I am a doctor who is not very it literate. I spent the last ten days doing a presentation and a 17 page cv which is due today on one of the pc's at work which is running Windows2000. They are a combination of word and excel docs. I saved it to floppy (and only floppy), went to a friends house to print it (he is running XP Pro) and it came up with an error, disk is not formatted. Tried to copy from dos onto hdd, but no luck. Now I cant read the floppy anywhere and I need this info. Is there anything that can sort this out? Can I copy from the a: to c: in dos?

  Sir Radfordin 08:08 26 Apr 2004

Did you format the disk when you put it in your friends computer? If so things may be a bit more serious.

My view is XP has a problem with floppy disks though I'm yet to find anything back this up. I've had/seen numerous problems.

Have you tried the disk back in the original computer? If not, are you able to do that - or failing that in a computer not running XP.

There are various recovery software suites arounds so someone may be able to suggest one of those for you.

  Gongoozler 08:09 26 Apr 2004

Try this

COPY /A*.* C:

There appears to be a problem in some cases with floppy disks formatted on a pc with other versions of Windows being recognised in XP.

  Porcy 08:19 26 Apr 2004

Thanks for the response. No the disk has been used before and it seems only since it was placed in the drive of the XP machine that it is not readable. When using the dos command it says cannot find disk. I guess its all ruined. Disk cant be read on any platform now

  Gongoozler 08:23 26 Apr 2004

Try this recovery software. It has a free evaluation period that may get you out of trouble click here

  Stuartli 08:54 26 Apr 2004

My son, an IT specialist, has always said that more than 90 per cent of floppy disk drive "failures" are due to damaged or incorrectly fitted leads or cables.

It would be well worth trying a new FDD cable.

I have XP Pro and all my floppy disks created whilst using Windows 98 and 98SE work as they should with XP.

  anchor 08:59 26 Apr 2004

It is interesting to note the comments made by Sir Radfordin and Gongoozler about floppy disc problems with XP.

Occasionally, I have difficulty in reading from my floppies since changing to XP. If I then place the same disc in my notebook, which has ME, then I can read them easily.

  Porcy 09:07 26 Apr 2004

The recovery app may do the trick, so will give it a bash, thanks Gongoozler.Havent got time to fiddle with cables Stuartli, needed this stuff by this morning and wouldnt know how to play with the cables on my laptop anyway! Thanks for all the response

  Sir Radfordin 09:23 26 Apr 2004

If that is true (and I doubt it) then I've seen the other 10% of failures. Floppy disks aren't the most reliable media at any time.

I've got several disks that have failed to be read in an XP machine on several occasions. Some have only been used on this PC, some formatted on this one, used in another then don't work on this one, others from years gone past that just won't read.

I've used 3 different drives, 2 different cables and nothing changes. I've also seen the same problem on 3 other computers (all of different makes). I have unfortunatly not had any time to test this extensivly to find out where the problem is.

IT specialist or not you can't change the facts. Truth is only true until proven otherwise.

  anchor 09:50 26 Apr 2004

Further to the comments above, my problem reading floppies, (albeit an occasional one), only started when I installed WinXP-Pro, after a reformat.

I cannot accept that the occasional disc is faulty, when it reads OK on my ME notebook. It would also have been a remarkable coincidence that the lead in my PC became faulty just at that time.

  Gongoozler 10:01 26 Apr 2004

Whatever the cause, this (expensive) software claims to cure it click here

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