Urgent Advice Needed on Sony Laptops

  lostgirl 14:06 28 Jun 2006

Help! My old Sony Vaio laptop (PCG-FX702) has died and the insurance company are offering to replace it with a Sony Vaio FS515E, or for £176, upgrade it to a Sony FE21B. But, they want a decision by tomorrow and I know nothing.Is this a fair replacement? Should I upgrade? (I use the computer for office tasks, mail, music and dvds and would like to get into digital photography quite seriously). Also, I travel a lot and it would be handy to connect to internet when away from home (currently have dial up at home) - but I have NO IDEA how this works or what I need.Please help! What is wireless? What do I need for photography?THANKS to antone who responds!

  ed-0 14:24 28 Jun 2006

If you can afford it, get the FE21B. It's a stonker of a laptop and I would give my eye teeth for it.:-) click here This has WiFi built in as well as a dial up modem. It would do all your jobs without blinking.

The FS515E is a massive leap over your dead computer and is generous of your insurance company. It is a good laptop but no where near the other one. This also has WiFi. This computer would also do what you require.

WiFi is a network that works by radio waves. Basically if you in a hotel, restaurant, train station, airport, office, etc and it has a WiFi network. You can, if you ask permission, some times have to pay, connect your laptop on to the internet. This would be fast broadband. You would not have to plug any wires into the laptop and the laptop could be moved around, within reason and you would still have a signal.

I am typing this with a WiFi laptop in my garden. No wires. The laptop is remotely connected to my broadband router. The system is secure and no one can enter it.

My choice would be the Sony FE21B.

  ed-0 14:33 28 Jun 2006


If you find a copy of the new mobile computer, issue no 2, buy one.

It has a free £10 voucher for over 6000 hotspots. These hotspots will connect your WiFi to fast broadband while you are out side.

But don't tell anyone else;-)

  ade.h 14:48 28 Jun 2006

As does PC Pro next month. Same publsiher, no doubt.

By the way; how do you get on with your laptop screen in the garden? I was hoping to make use of that during the sunny period - being able to surf the net while enjoying my garden is almost worth the hayfever! - but I was stymied by not being able see anything at all, no matter how the screen was adjusted.

My apologies to lostgirl for hijacking her thread!

  ed-0 15:47 28 Jun 2006

On a day like today, a little bit of cloud but warm. I can nearly see it as well as being inside.

When the sun is fully out, it is a little difficult to see the screen. I have to turn the back light up to full and use it under the table umbrella, while sipping a cool drink. :-)

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