shuggyo 09:34 06 Nov 2009

Re Fujitsu.Managed to load avast and it says virus found,recommended move to chest when i click move to chest it says Virus chest server not running how do i move this virus.Thanks

  Taff™ 09:57 06 Nov 2009

Go to the Avast menu and Schedule a boot time scan.

  rdave13 10:00 06 Nov 2009

Try going to control panel, add/remove, click on Avast then scroll down to repair.
If you had a different AV previously did you completely uninstall it? That might be causing the problem and the remenants of the old AV are showing up as a virus.

  Taff™ 10:21 06 Nov 2009

Its the reference to Fujitsu that sparks my memory. I remember having a Fujitsu laptop in for repair and Avast picks up one of the programs as a trojan because it sends information to fujitsu. (Part of the Fujitsu Update) It was really quite innocuous anyway. The Fujitsu Update never found anything so we deleted the program.

The worrying thing is that the Virus Chest Server isn`t running. Could this have been switched off by a real virus? Running a boot time scan should solve either problem.

  shuggyo 11:10 06 Nov 2009

When i click on boot time scan it says it has already been scheduled.I have posted a few posts over the last few days regarding this computer (see FUJITSU ) regarding the problems i have had.If you have time will you please read my earlier posts and give me your thoughts ie was it a virus caused the problems.I never had any anti virus soft ware on this laptop as i did not think i needed it as i have been running this computer for years and never had any problems.How will i know the virus has been removed.Many thanks for you help.

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