UPS not configured correctly

  n4165si 15:31 03 Dec 2006

i looked at the ups ,under power options and it states, the UPS service is currently stopped .i have not stopped it and under Services it is set to automatic ,the event log states event id 2481 error.your ups is not configured correctly. can someone please advise.

  anskyber 15:35 03 Dec 2006

Can I clarify, have you bought an Interruptible Power Supply?

  n4165si 15:45 03 Dec 2006

no ,this has just appeared in the event viewer.
by the way the system is xp home.

  anskyber 15:54 03 Dec 2006

Why I am asking (I should of course said uninteruptible power supply) I would not expect this facility to be enabled unless you have one. Most people do not have one and my Services invites me to start mine, which I do not have.

Following that through yours would note an error if the setting in Services has been started but there is not one fitted.

  anskyber 15:57 03 Dec 2006
  n4165si 16:01 03 Dec 2006

yes the computer is fitted with an american power supply ups version 1.

  anskyber 16:09 03 Dec 2006

I see. Others here with a UPS may help you further, I am aware that UPS can include bundled software which works with XP in a number of ways.

It is possible the software has become corrupted but without knowledge of your unit I'm now stuck. Sorry.

  Woolwell 17:17 03 Dec 2006

I have a Belkin Ups and didn't bother installing the software. I let XP power options look after it and have no problems. You could try uninstalling the UPS software.

Which model of APC UPS do you have?

  n4165si 13:27 04 Dec 2006

i will have to get back to you on this, i have requested the info from Mesh computers ,i must admit i cannot see anything in the add and remove programmes to give me a clue on uninstalling any software . all i can repeat at present until i hear from Mesh is what i stated earlier an APS version 1

  n4165si 12:56 07 Dec 2006

anskyber and Woolwell
i have now received a reply from Mesh who stated that this unit was not fitted with a UPS and that to correct the error ,control panel /power option / select UPS and select none click ok this has stopped the error,i am still not aware how the error got into the event viewer in the first place ,i dont mess about with these settings . however thank you for your help all now okay.

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