UPS bleeps

  wiz-king 16:06 07 Nov 2004

Last week my UPS started bleeping, it starts at 7.15 am bleeps for about10 sec then again a couple of min later, then a third time a couple of min after that. It does the same thing in the evening but I have not kept track of the times. It is not low voltage as a DVM is reading 234v at the time. Any body out there know of the reason? I happens with two different makes of UPS so I dont think it is a UPS problem. Do they still switch streetlights on/off by nicking half cycles from the mains? That might be enough to trigger my UPS. Both UPS's are several years old and have been here most of that time. I live next door to the local sub-station and usualy have clean mains.

  howard60 16:11 07 Nov 2004

it could be a switching signal although most are now done through radio 4. My ups bleeps as a test when first switched on but never after that except under fault conditions.

  Graham ® 16:51 07 Nov 2004

Radio 4? :-) Most street lights are controlled by a photocell on the top.

  wiz-king 20:14 26 Nov 2004

Still haveing trouble with bleeps in the morning and evening, e-mailed seeboard they said not their prob get on to edf energy, They havent replied after a week. Still looking for an answer.

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