UPS advice

  sam1981 11:04 01 May 2003

I am looking to buy a UPS to supply backup power to 2 machines. They are just standard desktops - no massive power is needed - but I'd like to know which UPS would be best for my needs?

I've been looking at the APC Smart UPS 420VA (click here) and the 620VA (click here).

Would these be ok to use with my two machines?

  recap 11:11 01 May 2003

Sorry sam1981, but I cannot get a page from either of your links.

As for advice on APC Smart products we have been using them for a couple of years now and have had no problems with either of them. We use the Smart-UPS 700 model for our networks.

  sam1981 11:16 01 May 2003

Question is really about the power issue. Would either of the above models (or the 700 model) be ok with 2 desktop PCs? Do I need something more powerful, or will they do?

  recap 11:29 01 May 2003

click here sam1981 for full specs of UPS's for workstations. Their site will guide you to the best solution for your set up.

  rosblot 11:32 01 May 2003

Hi Sam
I'm not familiar with either of the UPS you mention but it does matter.
What matters is the power/time factor of your requirements. Add the total wattage of your equipment, check the total against the ampage of the battery in the UPS the result will give you the time the battery will support you equipment in a power failure.
If it supports your equipment long enough for you to secure it, then it will suffice.

  sam1981 12:24 01 May 2003

OK, thanks people.

Basically just looking for something to protect from quick surges and cuts, so have gone for the 620.


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