Uprgrading Windows 98 to second edition

  timoth 19:34 09 Feb 2003

Searching for hours but do not know if there is for sale an upgrade disk. Tried windows update and i get security fixes but o.s. remains as the 4.10.98 edition. So any help finding the upgrade disk?

  woodchip 19:36 09 Feb 2003

Not an upgrade it's full 98se
click here

  timoth 19:48 09 Feb 2003

Yes, but...thanks , but this is not quite...How's this for a 'laugh', just found, in a software listing in a computer mag. that the upgrade disk, at 92£ costs more than the whole 2e disk as you have cited!!!!
still looking for a reasonable priced upgrade disk, .....

  misery 19:53 09 Feb 2003

recall there being an upgrade to 98. I'm sure you had to buy 98SE as a stand alone o/s. Ther certainly was an upgrade to 98SE ( although it was called an update!)

  Stuartli 19:54 09 Feb 2003

I have 4.10.2222 of Windows 98SE and that is a full version of the OS, not an upgrade.

  woodchip 19:56 09 Feb 2003

The only one was from 95 to 98

  Stuartli 19:58 09 Feb 2003

There was, in fact, an upgrade version of SE for 98.


£92 for Windows 98 is outrageous - I'm sure you could get it for half or less than that in view of the fact it's now four or five years old and support from MS ends in six months' time.

  timoth 20:22 09 Feb 2003

looking on the site : cdromcellar.co.uk - the first place i looked - and there it is: MS windows 98 upgrade 92£, **and you have to wait 4-6 weeks***!!!! I found another listed and on it too the price was 90 odd £ ie. more than the compelte 2e!!!
baffled. tim...

  midase 20:24 09 Feb 2003

If you have all the updates for 98 then you got have basically got SE except for a few things that you don't need.

  timoth 20:24 09 Feb 2003

PS. All is not what it seems , for this PC beginner: on Ebay i see that these upgrade disks are described as being for W95 owners getting 98!!!

  timoth 20:26 09 Feb 2003

Cheers, well i that case, i shall gracefully bow out and say the matter is resolved. Cheers...tim

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