Uprade XP to Vista

  Boghound 12:53 01 Oct 2009

OK....before I get flamed, I don't want to do a clean install.

I want to install Vista Ultimate over XP on a cloned HDD...Will the PC password (I don't use one for XP) be kept?....Will I still be able to use XP on the original HDD without activation/license issues?

If I do a clean install will I have to load video, network, etc drivers for hardware or will it retain them.

  DieSse 13:32 01 Oct 2009

Why not wait just over three weeks and upgrade to Windows7 (that's if you're really determined to upgrade, which IMHO is not justified from a perfectly capable OS).

By all accounts Win7 is significantly better than Vista - faster and lighter on resources.

If you do a clean install you'll have to reload absolutely everything - with a clean install nothing at all is retained (that's why it's a clean install).

You can't use any MS OS on two different systems at the same time - thus continuing to use XP on one system then using it on another system, even if you upgrade it to Vista, is strictly speaking against the licence agreement you have accepted. If you are going to use the upgraded cloned drive on the same system - that would be OK.

  FreeCell 14:29 01 Oct 2009

IIRC there is no upgrade from XP to Windows 7, it has to be a clean install. Upgrade only works from Vista.

If you are using the two hard drives in the same machine as a dual boot then you are okay but it is not in the licence agreement to use an upgrade and then use it on a different PC. (The other PC would have to be very similar in spec of motherboard, processor etc anyway as these are all captured as part of windows authorisation.)

  DieSse 14:37 01 Oct 2009

"Upgrade only works from Vista."

And only from some versions of Vista to some versions of Win7

In any case, even MS recommend a clean install in all cases.

  Graphicool1 14:45 01 Oct 2009

Personally, I consider an upgrade from WinXP to Vista is a down grade.

  Boghound 15:19 01 Oct 2009

It would be on the same machine....just thought that when Win7 has settled in I would then upgrade the Vista to it so saving having to reload all the programs etc....Oh...I do realise DieSse that "clean" means clean!..... If I did it, I would "hot swap" the drives....I just wonder if a direct Vista upgrade from XP on the cloned HDD would mess up the original HDD with XP on when I booted up from it as far as authorisation is concerned.

  woodchip 15:28 01 Oct 2009

Not looked above.
But all I can say is


  Boghound 15:52 01 Oct 2009


I agree, happy with XP, but have had a copy of Vista Ultimate for over a year, a gift from Bill, and just had an "itch that needs scratching" to use it.

  woodchip 15:59 01 Oct 2009

Well all I can say is loading it is best way of loosing you Docs etc. If you created a Backup Image of XP to a External Drive then it would not be much of a Problem Trying it After using Acronis True Image

  Boghound 16:14 01 Oct 2009


Already done that...just at the edge and can't decide whether to leap:-))

  DieSse 16:53 01 Oct 2009

Personally I can't think of one single reason to change a working XP system to Vista. At best it'll be slower - at worst it could be a real mess.

I'm in the middle of changing to Linux Mint It's already running most of my work, and I'll probably run my XP in a virtual machine under it for the few things I can't yet transfer.

Sell the Vista??

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