Uploading a site - Well...trying!!!

  Ben Avery 14:10 02 Jul 2003


I've started to build a site for a couple of projects I've been working on, (1) My Wedding next year and (2) A user's guide I designed as a Slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint for some software which some people wanted explaining.

I have an NTL BB connection through my setop cable box at home and NTL have given me 55MB of free webspace (handy as the site, although only half finished is around 20MB so far).

I am having difficulty in uploading the site. I downloaded the recommended Terrapin application from ntlworld.com but haven't got a scooby how it worked!

I followed the instructions to the letter but to no avail. 6 weeks later, the 30 day evaluation period has run out now so I cannot use it to upload now anyway.

I am at work most of the time so I'm not connected through my cable box at present, I'm connected through a hub which connects to a freeserve BB account and internet access is through the LAN.

What I want to know is this, how can I upload my pages to my webspace? The site is contained in a folder called "Ben's Web Site" on my PC. All the actual html pages are in the main folder with the images, icons, downloads and documentation in seperate folders. The main page is called "index.htm" and when I click on it, all of the pages, downloads, links and images are working correctly.

What now???


  tbh72 15:56 02 Jul 2003

click here

Assuming you are using NTL world the above gives clear information on the setting's you need for all of the services including FTP "6th Paragraph From Top"

I and many others use WS FTP, which can be downloaded here click here

You may like to try the LE version prior to buying the Pro Version.

Let us know how you get on connecting to your FTP Server & updating your website & CONGRATULATIONS on your fourth coming wedding.

  Ben Avery 16:49 02 Jul 2003

Thanks for the info. I have already been through the ntl site and used the setting that were given there but they don't appear to work for me. I don't know if this is because I'm currently connecting through a network and not my digital set top box or not but it don't work!

I'll try out the FTP you advised and see how it goes.


  Ben Avery 17:00 02 Jul 2003

Same problem as before. Options I get using WS FTP and what I've filled in are:

Profile Name: "Ben Avery"

Host Name/Address: "upload.ntlworld.com"

Host Type: "Automatically Detect"

user i.d.: "ben.avery" (my ntlworld user name)

password: "(my ntlworld password)"

Yet had no joy. What next?


  tbh72 17:07 02 Jul 2003

Have you successfully connected to the FTP server from you NTL home connection? I would think most if not all ISP's will only allow FTP connections from their own dial / adsl services. Which means updating your site from work will pretty much be out of the question with the method you are using.

I have recently been playing with a very clever piece of software VNC which allow's remote conection & control of a client via the internet.

Post back if you want more information, it would allow you to connect to your home PC and literally work on it as if you were sat in front of it.

  tbh72 23:11 02 Jul 2003

Bump - How did you get on with this Ben. Did you want more information on VNC. It may be a problem is you are unable to install at work???

  Ben Avery 23:55 02 Jul 2003


sorry about delay, some git has screwed up my windows 2000 Pro configuration and now my PC only works on the dual boot 98SE! (I'll sort out a helproom post for that later)

Yes it's kinda sorted now, it will only upload if done through the cable set top box so I just need to do the uploading at home and Bob's your uncle!

Thanks for your help.

The info would be be goo if you wanna email me with it, may come in very handy!



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