Uploading site to Heart Internet

  Josie2805 19:40 17 Aug 2006

I'm completely lost & would be grateful for help with this. Site made in FP2003, published to local hard-drive but can't get it to upload to free Heart Internet webhosting. Log in ok to Heart but when I try to upload to the public_html folder as they said in email, either FP crashes or public folder is deleted & site uploads to root folder. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any advice

  ade.h 19:50 17 Aug 2006

Without seeing what you are doing or having a more accurate explanation, I can't say.

  Josie2805 20:03 17 Aug 2006

Trying to upload site via FP2003, having watched video on Heart site re same, I've been following instructions given. Entering click here & leaving destination folder blank as they say. Logs in ok to Heart & then I'm double clicking on public_html folder in right-hand pane & clicking publish site. FP usually crashes at this point. I hope this is slightly better explained, I sure I'm doing something very stupid here but this is all quite new to me. I eventually managed to get FP to upload a site to Streamline.net a few weeks ago thanks to help from this site. Thanks for your interest.

  Josie2805 20:04 17 Aug 2006

Sorry didn't realise that would turn into a click here, entering ftp . mysitename . co . uk

  ade.h 20:26 17 Aug 2006

You won't be able to upload to a sub-folder of the directory - such as public_html - if you don't enter it into the FTP settings.

  Josie2805 20:31 17 Aug 2006

Sorry if this sounds stupid, do you mean enter public_html in destination folder after I enter ftp address?

  ade.h 20:39 17 Aug 2006

Public_html is your destination directory. Like htdocs.

  Josie2805 20:49 17 Aug 2006

Thanks have just uploaded site by putting public_html into settings & it worked perfectly. I wish I'd come here sooner for advice rather than watching and rewatching video re FP on Heart site. Simple when you know how, thanks again.

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