Uploading photos .

  magnus35 20:49 04 Apr 2008

I'm very much a novice .

I use PhotoImpact XL .

My pics are saved as Type : Ulead PhotoImpact Image , with .jpg extension , however , if I try to upload one of them to a photography website it returns an error message saying 'this is not a JPEG image ' .

How can this be ?

  MAJ 23:31 04 Apr 2008

Try re-saving a couple of them in another image editor like Irfanview click here for example, see if you can then upload the re-saved jpegs.

  Forum Editor 18:58 05 Apr 2008

with PhotoImpact, it's an excellent image editor, and I use it myself.

The thing to get absolutely right is that you are saving your images as JPEGs in the first place, and not in the Ulead default format. Simply adding a .jpg extension isn't going to work.

  magnus35 20:08 05 Apr 2008

Thanks for the responses .

I can't see what the Ulead default format is .

Using File - Save As and selecting JPEG results in the same details - Type : Ulead PhotoImpact Image , with .jpg extension . Doesn't the .jpg indicate that it is JPEG format ?

  Patr100 23:39 05 Apr 2008

It shouldn't really matter in practice and shouldbe irrevalant but does the site for sone reason only accept the .jpeg suffix rather than .jpg?

  magnus35 12:36 06 Apr 2008

Problem solved .
I posted a query on the photography site . It took some time for a response to appear .
Another user had had a similar experience .
It appears to be a problem with Internet Explorer .
It was suggested that I install and use a different browser e.g. Opera , as this had proved successful for the respondent .
Did it , it worked , hooray !
Thanks again to all who took the time to reply .

  anchor 17:26 06 Apr 2008

Glad you found an answer. The snag is that anyone else who wants to see you pictures has to be using Opera, (or similar). Is this something peculiar to that photographic website?. Strange!.

Internet Explorer is still the most common browser in current use. See this table:

click here

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