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  vassos 08:35 31 Oct 2008

I have been trying for days to upload some pictures onto a message board with absolutely no success despite the help being given by that boards members. I have quite easily uploaded these pics onto a photobucket album. From that point everything goes wrong and I know so well it is myself and my total lack of knowhow that is at fault. Can someone pls spell out in idiot proof language how I transfer these onto the message board in question.

  mgmcc 08:53 31 Oct 2008

Usually, you insert a link into your message so that the picture is loaded directly from the Photobucket file. It varies slightly with different forums but will be something like:

[img]h t t p : //i43.photobucket.com/albums/e392/mgmcc/ForumLogo.jpg[/img]

  Technotiger 08:53 31 Oct 2008

Hi, you might find Image Shack easier - a simple drag and drop from your My Pictures.

click here

  FatboySlim71 08:57 31 Oct 2008

So you have the pictures on Photobucket?

I know some sites won't let you use links to Photobucket, but I assume that the board members have said its OK to have Photobucket links?

If you go on Photobucket log in and find the pictures you have uploaded, beside each picture should be 4 links, the one called IMG code, you need to copy and paste the link into the appropriate place on the message board, sometimes the img in the link needs to be in uppercase for example IMG.

If this doesn't work, then you could copying and pasting the other links one at a time and trying each time to see if the pictures are shown on the message board.

  vassos 16:44 31 Oct 2008

Thanks guys but I'm getting nowhere. There is something awfully simple that is eluding me. I deleted everything in Photobucket and tried Image Shack. In there I have uploaded 16 pics which I can see are there. I still cannot figure out how to get the wretched things from there onto my message board. Just haven't a single clue where to start.

  Technotiger 16:50 31 Oct 2008

Hmm, I don't know about the Message Board, but with image shack you can simply drag and drop a picture from My Pictures, into this PCA thread Message box, where I am typing this message and it will appear as a click here ...

for example ...

click here][

  vassos 17:08 31 Oct 2008

I've got to this point. When I click to upload to my message board I am given a choice none of which is the one I require. I am looking for one of the proboard sites.

  Technotiger 17:11 31 Oct 2008

Why not just click on Upload, without making a choice - see what happens.

  MAJ 17:12 31 Oct 2008

Some forums use different methods, some do not allow rheir members to upload pictures unless they reach a certain number of posts. Which forum is it, post a link?

  vassos 17:18 31 Oct 2008

I'll go back and try clicking upload. Think I did already! The forum is doing all it can to help me get these pictures on as are everybody else. I am the one who doesn't know what I'm doing and am rapidly losing any confidence I ever had in myself. Have been asked beefore to post a link of the forum and I would if I knew what you were talking about.

  Technotiger 17:24 31 Oct 2008

To post a link to the forum - simply type the URL of the forum in this box - it will then appear as a 'Clcik here'

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