Uploading FrontPage ASP pages/database?

  gplatt2000 18:03 18 Jan 2004

Hi there! I have made a rough 'tester' page for my site, in which users can view the results from an Acess database.

I have created the asp page with FrontPage 2004's 'Database Results' tool. The database is mad in Access. The reults the usersview are from 2 tables, and about 6 fields.

The question I have is this - exactly how do I upload the pages to an ASP server and get the 2 to interact?

I have been told that it can be tricky, as really I need a means of testing the page/database on my copmuter without using an actual server. However, this sounds very complicated to me, and I thought I would try find an ASP server which had a free trial, I could hopefully use to test my site before pourchasing my final host. The free trial I found was here - click here , which I have signed up with. I have read the Help section but am still not sure how to upload my pages and get them to interact with my database.

Could anyone please give me a description of how to do this?

Thanks a lot in advance


  Taran 21:13 18 Jan 2004

Just follow the publishing wizard and FrontPage obligingly sets the relevant permissions for the files and folders it puts on the web server, including locking down the database folder and so on.

If you have Windows 2000 or XP Pro you can use the IIS (Internet Information Server) testing server on your hard drive without having to load the site to a live web server.

After installing it, all you do is add the web root folder to IIS as a new virtual directory and you can test your ASP pages in full, including the database interaction, just as if they were online. The only sticky wicket for newcomers can be with setting up the SMTP side of things for email handling, but unless email is a key part of your web application you can wait until it goes live for this.

If you follow the instructions in the help files you won't go far wrong. FrontPage help is some of the best in the business and covers all the step-by-step stages you need to publish the site. It really more or less does it all for you and things only seem to go wrong when someone decides to try some manual tweaking here and there.

The best advice I can give you is to try it, following the help files. Running a search online for web publishing from FrontPage will give you more results than you could shake a stick at but they will mostly be variations on the helpfiles.

  gplatt2000 17:54 23 Jan 2004

Hello again! Sorry to bother you once again, but I have tried uploading it all to the host mentioned above. I have used FP's Data Results Wizard, and also the Publishing, however the help I found to be a bit siple for me (have i messed something- any tutorials?). OR maybe it is just being harder than usual for me to upload the datbase/site. OK bascally here's my problem (and I have tried a search but found most results to be the same, guiding me throught FP's wizards)..(by the way I am using asp.net)

I have made a databse, called '1'. In this database I have a query, dsplaying all the entriews organized by the company's name. I have told FP to use this query, and created a results tabl;e. However, FP says I need to upload the site to a server to view the results. So I followed the PUblishing steps and uploaded it to tte free trial host I said above. However, when I go into the folder (using the FTP connection thing, just typing the ftp addy in using IE), and open 'index', the results from the databsse still arent shown? All I can think of is eperhaps tere is some crucial step to link the databse? Or is this done with the FP wizard? Or maybe the databse/pages locations on the server are important? Or their names?

Sorry I really dont have any idea what to do, was wondering if anyone could suggest anything wrong, or ask me what I have dnoe so far to suggest anything?

Thanks a load in advance


  Taran 20:17 23 Jan 2004

Has the database been uploaded successfully ?

Normally, if it hadn't, you'd get a page error of some description.

Check to see if the fpdb folder has been sent up to your web host space. This is the protected folder where your FrontPage database lives.

FrontPage takes care of the necessary protected folder status of the fpdb folder [you obviously don't want just anyone accessing your database] as well as establising the database connection and whatnot.

Now, having just read your web trial account instructions, it has become obvious that they do not directly support FrontPage published sites. They have instructions for FTP, publishing from Dreamweaver or the free [and very nice] Web Matrix program, or by simoply using Internet Explorer to drag and drop FTP.

Since this is the case, to get things working properly you not only have to make sure all the files are uploaded, you also need to assign the correct permissions to your files and folders once they are up there.

I can feel a headache coming on just thinking about it...

They do allow you the option of connecting your database direct from Access, so at the least you can make sure the database is present and correct.

All I can suggest is that you check out the help documentation for your host click here

It seems very much deared towards .NET web development using tools other than FrontPage.


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