SANAP 22:48 12 Feb 2004

I joined a site where I can upload photos and then get them printed et etc. However it takes a while to upload as I use high resolutin for good quality, last time I managed to compress the images before uploading but now cant for the life of me remember what I did!! I know the image was compressed and I had to re-save it but thats all.

Anyone help me and hope I have made myself clear as to what I want to achieve?



  MAJ 00:15 13 Feb 2004

It would depend on what format the pictures are saved in at the minute. If you save them as jpgs they will be compressed if they aren't jpgs already. But by doing that you will lose some detail. You could zip them up using a utility like Winzip, but that would have to be acceptable to the website you're uploading them to.

  britto 00:21 13 Feb 2004

some advice here and maybe on the site you use.
click here

click here

  ton 01:18 13 Feb 2004

I can't help feeling that this defeats the object of digital photography. If you are going to have them printed elsewhere, wouldn't it make more sense to use film?

  Stuartli 09:16 13 Feb 2004

Despite the obvious personal benefits of digital photography there are still many people who prefer to view prints.

It's also a convenient method of being able to send digital shots to relatives, friends etc who may not have the benefit of a computer system or other means of viewing them.

  SANAP 10:22 13 Feb 2004

thanks for replies and the link britto.

Ton, having the facility to view them on the camera instantly, on the tv as a slide show or on friends tv and on computer and then on the internet and be able to email them, save to cd, allow others to view them on your weblink,it was only natural that I would be asked for a print as well!! The site I use is brilliant, just upload, select, pay, sit back and they arrive through the post box 2 days later, no going to shop for film, that can never be used again, parking hassle, taking photos, back to shop more hassle and so on.

This digi lark is just my cup of tea, once I have mastered the compresssion bit to speed uploads.


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