Upload speed has become a crawl...?

  The Phoenix 06:34 01 Sep 2004

Hi Folks,

I am using MS FrontPage for a web site. I have a 1Gb broadband connection with PlusNet. Over the last 3 days the upload speed has been very fast. Then, I tried to set up a network (2 computers only). Ever since, the upload speed has virtually disappeared, and it takes 8 mins for even 1 page to be amended.

I have called everyone I can about this; no-one has a solution.

Anyone any ideas?


The Phoenix

  Forum Editor 07:22 01 Sep 2004

you would be surfing at the speed of light - I think you meant to type 1Mb.

You say that this problem started when you "tried to set up a network", but you don't say what happened - did you succeed, or did the setup attempt fail? Do both computers share the broadband connection? I assume they do, and I wonder what happens when you disconnect the second machine - does your upload speed return to normal? I presume you can surf the web normally?

Problems with site uploads do occur - from time to time some servers decide to go slow - but 8 minutes for one page file is stretching things a bit too far. Post back with the answers to my questions, and any more information you feel might be of use, and some of us will try to help.

  The Phoenix 07:35 01 Sep 2004

Lol, sorry, 1Mb!

I used the Network setup wizard. The other computer has always been able to access the net at good speed too. Now, we both have the same problem.

It seems that the network actually functions, in that I can see the other computer and vice versa. We can both download at excellent speeds - I have tried downloading something and that is as fast as ever. Viewing pages is fine. Sending a 1MB email is fine. It is merely uploading that is a problem. I have tried disconnecting the other machine; turning the router off and on; and reinstalling MS FPage.

Some time ago I was using Contribute and had the same problem in that uploading my alterations to that site would not go through - until I altered one setting over FTP. I think that was a firewall problem though. I have tried turning off the Windows Firewall, and Zone Alarm too.

Any ideas? - and thanks.


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