Upload speed on Broadband

  anskyber 20:22 19 Jan 2006

We all hear of increasingly faster BB download speeds, I have recently moved house and my speed has gone from about 526Kbps to something like 2.2Kbps, very nice! But my upload speed has stayed pretty constant at say 260Kbps. Talking to others with even faster download speeds the same relatively poor upload speeds are found. Can anyone explain why?

  stalion 20:28 19 Jan 2006

the upload speed is controlled by your modem
click here

  stalion 20:31 19 Jan 2006
  anskyber 20:31 19 Jan 2006

Thanks. I feared that might be the answer, I suppose its pointless asking whether anything can be done about it?

  stalion 20:33 19 Jan 2006

apparently the faster the download speed the lesser the upload speed it's the price we pay for faster downloads

  anskyber 20:34 19 Jan 2006


  ade.h 20:35 19 Jan 2006

The A in ADSL stands for assymetric. SDSL would be nice if it was widely available and didn't cost the earth. But ADSL is what we're stuck with and that means compartively slow uploads. Loading large websites on to servers is a barrel of fun.

  anskyber 20:38 19 Jan 2006

I would like to think it could be tweeked but obviously not, say to sacrifice some of my 2.2 download for an equivalent increase in upload.

  Jackcoms 20:40 19 Jan 2006

"gone from about 526Kbps to something like 2.2Kbps, very nice!"

I fail to see how that is "very nice".

If I was getting only 2.2Kbps on BB I would be moving to another ISP pretty sharpish.

  anskyber 20:43 19 Jan 2006

Well basically it is because I live out in the sticks so I have the usual built in compromise of isolation from my exchange. If I could I would because when moving my ISP cut me off after 2 days. The had not collected my money by direct debit so they called me a bad debter!! Ho Hum.

  ade.h 20:52 19 Jan 2006

The major companies keep advertising 8Mbit ADSL - so where the heck is it then?

I'm on 2Mbit, and everyone that I know of is on that or less.

You're not alone, Anskyber.

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