Upgrading win 98 to ME?

  Tim1964 17:57 01 Apr 2003

I would like to take advantage of ME's retore function by upgrading my current win 98 setup to ME.
Can anyone tell me how? (with an upgrade disc)



  Sebby 18:15 01 Apr 2003

Tim - I really wouldn't bother. I feel that Windows 98 Second Edition is far better than Windows Me. My other thought is that Windows Me is just 98 with an updated look and a couple of extra features. I also don't feel it is as stable as 98SE.

However, if you wish to upgrade using an upgrade disc, all you need to do is boot into Windows 98 as normal, insert the disc and follow the upgrade instructions. It should be pretty straight forward. As it's only an upgrade and not a clean install, you shouldn't face any technical issues.

  broggs 18:36 01 Apr 2003

dont do it...ME is the worst of the windows OS

  bloo meeny 18:40 01 Apr 2003

I don't regard THAT as an UPgrade !

  Pesala 18:41 01 Apr 2003

One of the main problems with Windows ME is the System Restore function. Better to spend the money on Norton Ghost or some other Backup utility.

Upgrade to Windows 2000, which is much more stable.

  Sunny-275842 18:55 01 Apr 2003

dont upgrade to ME, it give you more problems than you can think of and you wont even get round using the System Restore Point :P

i had ME and i guess many might have and changed it straight away!

if your gonna upgrade theres Win2k, XP home/pro to choose from


  Dr Grumps 19:00 01 Apr 2003

ME is probably the most unstable OS microsoft produced !

really not worth the hassel !

go for xp i had both xp and 2k on for a while and in the end chose xp to work with ! am very happy with it !

i heard a rumour that there was never meant to be XP home but it was made to replace ME !!

just a thought.....

  professor 19:06 01 Apr 2003

ME is crap what ppl say in this post is true also ME runs 8% slower in normal operation and about 30% slower with web downloads


  Bebee 20:55 01 Apr 2003

I was having problems with stability on 98 and upgraded my desktop PC to ME some time ago (a couple of years+). I have had no real problems with it. It has been more stable than the 98 I was running. I recently did a clean restart on my laptop which came with ME because it was getting a bit sluggish, but again 2+ years without problems.

However, I would certainly not upgrade for the system restore which I have used successfully at times, but which is not really that useful or reliable. Norton Ghost is a much better option.

I seem to have been lucky with ME, but I would go with the other posts here. If it's just for system restore and otherwise 98 runs fine, stick with 98. If there are other reasons to upgrade there are better options now.

  nogga 22:02 01 Apr 2003

win 98SE saves up to 5 copies of the registry at all times and I have used this to go back to a previous copy when I had a problem.

  MPete 23:53 01 Apr 2003

Don't upgrade use Norton ghost or Goback which I like better. It's from adptec and it's where microsoft got the idea for system restore but it works 100,000 times at least better. It makes you computer bomb proof really. The only thing that can kill it them is a hard drive failing. That's going to kill most computers anyway.

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