Upgrading to widescreen monitor any advice

  hastelloy 12:08 28 Oct 2007

I want to replace my 17" TFT with a 20" widescreen. I'm looking at LG L204WS-SF TFT as the price seems to be OK but is this a good buy?

Also will my graphics card handle the resolution or will I need to upgrade - if so any suggestions please? My current graphics is 128MB RADEON X300-SE (HM) PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT.

I'm mainly into browsing the internet, wordprocessing etc, video editing and photography.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated as the specs are just numbers to me!!!

  ambra4 12:45 28 Oct 2007

LG is a well know brand world wide so you should not have any problems

Your present displays will handle the monitor easily

LG L204WS-SF TFT Monitor 5ms

Max Resolution 1680 x 1050


6.7M colours 2048x1536

  Diemmess 12:55 28 Oct 2007

Short answer - Yes
Shouldn't need any special tweaking.
If you are making the change to widescreen and can afford it, why not go to 22".

A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a 22" Samsung mainly because of high specs.
click here
If you look at that link there is a 22" LG as well.

  hastelloy 17:42 28 Oct 2007

Diemmess - I had looked at click here which is the same price as the LG 20". Not sure that I could justify the extra £85 for the Samsung.

  repaka 06:23 31 Oct 2007
  hastelloy 07:15 31 Oct 2007

to use it for sales or advertising. Also you shouldn't put your email address on.
If by taxes you mean VAT then that makes it more expensive than the (better) Samsung which I've already said is too much for me.

  Technotiger 08:26 31 Oct 2007

Hi, I have already told repaka about blatant advertising on a couple of other threads this morning - I am now going to bring it to the attention of the FE.


  Diemmess 09:13 31 Oct 2007

The Samsung is more expensive and probably much higher spec than either of us really need!
Its 2ms response time in particular.

- But the contrast ration of 3000:1 gives a brilliant screen for photo work.

It seems at this stage that you won't need to buy a new video card, and that could save the difference in cost?

  hastelloy 10:20 31 Oct 2007

What you say makes perfect sense but cost is an issue and the space I have available would accommodate a 22" but, having given it some thought, I am coming to the conclusion that a 20" would fit better and meet my needs. I will probably wait till after Christmas and see what happens to prices, though am inclined to stick to my original LG 20"

  hastelloy 12:46 04 Nov 2007
  hastelloy 07:28 13 Nov 2007

and have just ordered click here
Thanks for all comments

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