Upgrading to Vista

  Yorkie156 20:32 05 Feb 2007

Are there any Vista experts out there that can answer the following. I currently run Win XP Pro and was wondering if upgrading to Vista was a simple process and what version I would have to upgrade to. Any advice on this matter appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 20:55 05 Feb 2007

Is upgrading to Vista a simple process? Yes if it goes right and your software doesn't have problems with it and still works. And the computer you are on has updated Vista drivers available for it.
You would need to buy either the Full Version Or the Upgrade version and you would have to pick the version that suited you, most people seen to want the Premium Version as that includes Aero.

Personally after seeing some of the threads - have a look in the Vista Forum - I wouldn't recommend it just now. Theres too many problems, drivers you need aren't there yet, theres programs that don't work with it and its far too expensive, twice what the US customers are paying.

If you really want it wait 3 months and then look at it again.

  Slithe 20:58 05 Feb 2007

"Upgrading to Vista was a simple process..."

The answer to that question depends on who you talk to!! I know people who've done it first time with no problems, and others who've pulled their hair out, sworn at the PC about a thousand times and ended up going back to XP.

Run the Upgrade Advisor from the Microsoft Windows Vista website, that will first tell you if your PC can run Vista, and any potential conflicts with hardware/software that may need to be looked at before you install...

As stated in the link ßeta has given you, XP Pro would only upgrade to business or ultimate and needs a clean install to go to Home Premium/Basic. According to various sources, a clean install can only be done with a full version of Vista.

If you decide to go for it, good luck. I'm still sitting on the fence at the moment. Vista has only been out a week, and so not all the bugs are ironed out of it yet. It may go smoothly, it may not - I wish you luck though...

  Splodge 08:44 06 Feb 2007

Have a look at "Tech Republic" who send out daily reports at this site:
click here

I have had Vista on a spare drive since it was first offered as a beta!

My opinion now is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

My XP is very stable and does everything.

Vista is just a maze of different options, and expensive with it.

In any case, we in the UK are being gouged double the USA charge.

Send a message; abstain!

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