upgrading usb1 to usb2

  inapot69 18:04 10 Apr 2007

hello again
i am running quite an old stystem now
xp home
512 mb ddr rom
athlon 128 mb graphic card
over 100 gb free disc space
but most things now are on usb2
i know they usually run usb1 but they all run so slowly
i was wondering what sort of equipment i would need to upgrade to usb2 and is it a difficult job to do myself
i have changed my own dvd drive and hard drive stuff like that
but i am a bit of a technophobe really
any advise and help would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance

  MAJ 18:08 10 Apr 2007

You need one of these click here very easy to fit.

  Totally-braindead 18:10 10 Apr 2007

Check you have a PCI slot free, thats the white ones at the bottom of the motherboard. Buy a PCI USB card, plug it in, switch on and install the software if required and thats it.
Of course only the USB ports on the new card will be USB 2.0 the rest will stay USB 1.1.

click here as an example. You get them with 2 ports 3, 4 and I have seen a 5 port one.

Also have a look here click here

  inapot69 17:31 12 Apr 2007

once again you have been incredibly helpful.
i massively appreciate all your advice

one thing i dont understand...
the cards suggested by yourselves..
they have upt to 6 external slots..(no prob)
but they have one internal(?)
what is that for?
does it connect somehow inside?

hope you can enlighten me...i am sure you ca..
thanks again

  greenlamp 17:54 12 Apr 2007

The internal connection is for connecting to a hub e.g. the type that can be fitted to one of the bays at the front of the computer.

  Totally-braindead 18:15 12 Apr 2007

greenlamp is correct, you can get a USB hub which either fits in the floppy bay or in a CD ROM bay - presumming you have one free and you can connect this to the card as well if you wish.
You don't have to use it, you can just use the rear ones and buy the card that supplies the amount of USB 2.0 ports you wish.
Heres an example of what we are talking about click here this particular one also has a card reader and audio I think. You must be extremely careful on the connections though, if you connect them badly you can blow the USB.
If connecting this up is too much for you but you fancy one get one that doesn't connect to what they call a header, get one that just feeds a USB cable through the case and that you plug into the back ports, thats easy enough.

  inapot69 18:29 12 Apr 2007

i understand what you mean now about the internal connection
i have daisy chained a simple 4 way external hub from one of the 4 usb ports at the back of my monitor to give me more ports but i understand that this is only compatable with usb1
however i will take a look inside to see where the change could be made
there are 2 at the back of my main case (in use)
and 2 free at the front of the case (free)
(evesham pc)
so i am sure somewhere along the line i can upgrade somewhere

once again thank you very much

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