Upgrading socket A Athlon from 1.2ghz upwards

  fordigas 21:16 15 Jun 2009

Hi everyone.

I need help in the successfull upgrade of my 1.2ghz Athlon to what I think is a 2.0ghz Athlon.
I have a Gigabyte GA7 DX V2.2 motherboard.

Can anyone give me a step by step guide, ive already fitted the CPU but am unsure of any alterations I need to make to finalise.
I am running XP pro operating system.

My 1.2ghz Athlon has this code on it:A1200AMS3B
The 2.0ghz Athlon has:AXDA2000DUT3C

Can anyone advise if this is not compatible.

Many thanks.

  ambra4 21:39 15 Jun 2009

Gigabyte GA7 DX V2.2 motherboard CPU Support List

click here

  chub_tor 21:51 15 Jun 2009

Your new processor click here

  Stuartli 00:11 16 Jun 2009

Your mobo will support up to an Athlon XP 2600+ (Thoroughbred 13u).

  mrwoowoo 01:23 16 Jun 2009

"any alterations I need to make to finalise."
Nothing needs to be done as the CPU speed will be automatically detected.
The old fan/heatsink should manage to cool it adequately.

  fordigas 07:23 16 Jun 2009

Thanks for all replies so far.

Ive managed to fit the CPU and fire the PC up.
The furthest ive got is the initial windows screen with the scrolling blue bar and then nothing, any ideas?

  keef66 11:19 16 Jun 2009

Did you apply thermal compound between the cpu and the heatsink?

There's a dipswitch on the mobo near the AGP slot to set fsb; should be set to 133. (all 4 set to on)

  fordigas 18:00 21 Jun 2009

Ive noticed according to the Gigabyte CPU support list that my 1.2 Athlon already fitted uses the same FSB as the 2.0 Athlon im trying to install, im already running DDR ram which I think is why the motherboard needs to be set at 133. Im assuming that the motherboard is already set to 133 because of this, im not sure which jumper I need to check to see if its set to 133.

Any more ideas?

  fordigas 18:35 21 Jun 2009

Ive done some more research and found an Athlon comparison spec sheet.
Ive worked out that the 1.2 athlon should run at 1.75v and the 2.0 athlon should run at at 1.6v, should this make any difference or can I run them both at the same voltage?

  woodchip 18:46 21 Jun 2009

You need to set the BIOS to Clock speed for the new CPU

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