Upgrading a slow PC (RAM, Mobo or overall upg)

  Ohad Nave 14:33 26 Aug 2007

I have a somewhat slow computer which I use mainly for Internet browsing and for iTunes.
Although my demands are quite modest, it works slowly and reaches 100% ram use for a few seconds every time I want it open a program or anything.

I've decided I want to upgrade it but I'm not really sure what will solve the problem with minimum effort.

My computer system details:
mobo: Intel D845WN
CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.70GHz
Memory: 512MB SDRAM 133Mhz (1 Chip)
VC: GF2MX440 (if im not mistaken)

I have more details I'm just not sure what is relevant.

So I'm wondering should I get another 512MB memory with the same speed - 133mhz (cuz my mobo wont support anything faster)?
Should I upgrade my mobo as well or is there no option but having an entire system upgrade?
Again, I really just need the computer for Internet and basic office programs... :/

Thanks in advance,

  SANTOS7 14:37 26 Aug 2007

click here

No point in spending too much if you do not really need to.
Just adding more memory will go a long way to solving your issue, the link will help...

  Ohad Nave 14:40 26 Aug 2007

While I'm at it, I have another question if you don't mind.
I have another computer, better than the first one I just described.
It has 1GB DDRAM PCI400 I think
AMD athlon 2600
Radeon 9800
and an nVidia nForce MCP audio card.

Problem is after a while playing Counter-Strike online, my sounds suddenly becomes robotic, and it stays that way until I close all programs that have anything to do with sound, and restart the game.

Why is that? :o

  Ohad Nave 15:52 26 Aug 2007

I'm slowly realizing how many problems I have with my computer.

Another problem (which I think is related) I have with my good computer (which has the audio problem) is that once in a while it just shuts itself down and restarts. usually when it's working hard.
I'm guessing it's heating up or smt, but how can I test it or check my fans or solve or smt...

Thanks again.

  Ohad Nave 22:45 27 Aug 2007


  Totally-braindead 00:41 28 Aug 2007

The sound could be related to the computer shutting down, it could all be due to heat, perhaps not but its common.
Take the case sides off and check all the fans are working, then clean all the dust out and wipe the fan blades. If it is just dust them that might be all you have to do. If a fans failed then obviously you replace it and fans do wear out so it one of them seems to be moving very little air then it might need replaced.
Do not be tempted to run the PC for long periods with the sides off as it can actually run hotter that way. This is because colling is done be sucking in the cool air, flowing the cool air over the warm components taking away some of the heat and expelling the cool air out the back.

Now the sound might be heat related but I haven't seen this happen so its possible its not related to the overheat issue at all. I would check the motherboard manuafacturer website, assumming its onboard sound, and download and install updated sound drivers if there are any, if not reinstall the latest ones anyway. You might also check the game for patches as its possible its not the audio card but is the game, though if it happens when you're playing other games as well this is rather unlikely.

Some ideas to get you started.

  six-h 00:56 28 Aug 2007

Ohad Nave,
Sorry, I'm not able to contribute to this topic, but I'm intregued by your ability to use bold type in your postings. How do you do it?
Appologies again for interupting!

  Ohad Nave 14:55 28 Aug 2007


I have no control on the rest of the message's design.

Anyhow, thank you very much Totally-braindead.
You've helped me a lot.
I'm buying a new CPU fan since I figured my CPU is too hot.
Thanks for all of the advice.

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