Upgrading RAM

  goll_y 19:36 23 Oct 2005

I've got a couple of computers both networked up. One (old) one stores all my music, pictures etc and the other I use for general day to day stuff.

Anyway, the old one (details are below) takes an age to open any application whether it be internet explorer, skype, yahoo etc. The problem has been around for ages even before I've put in a slave hard drive.

Is it likely to be the RAM that needs adding to make applications generally open quicker?

The computer is -

CPU Type: Intel Pentium IIIE 600 Mhz
Motherboard: Intel Seattle IISE 440BX-2
Bios Type: Phoenix (11/5/99)
Physical Mem: 127MB Total, 113MB Used, 14MB Free
Swap Space: 307MB Total, 251MB Used, 56MB Free
Virtual Mem: 435MB Total, 363MB Used, 70MB Free

Thanks for your help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 23 Oct 2005

If your using XP on 128M ram it will be slow

Go to click here input your borard details and they will tell you the memory that is compatable .

  goll_y 19:57 23 Oct 2005

Yep am using XP so that probably explains it. Thanks for the advice. Seems like 256MB RAM will do the trick as recommended by the site you sent.

Is this going to be adding 256MB RAM to what I currently have or replacing it?

  De Marcus™ 19:59 23 Oct 2005

Depends on how many spare slots you have, ideally 512mb is recommended for xp

  goll_y 20:01 23 Oct 2005

Can I put any amount of RAM in the computer or am I limited by the motherboard type?

  De Marcus™ 20:06 23 Oct 2005

It all depends on your motherboard as to how much ram it can take, your best bet is using crucials memory checker page click here

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