Upgrading PSU....just a quick question...

  vaughan007 03:53 07 Jun 2005

Hello all,

Think its time to upgrade my PSU to allow for graphics card upgrade.

I have noticed the difference in price between
a 400W and a 550W PSU is quite small.

So I am of course being drawn to the 550W.

Is it possible to install a PSU with TOO much power or is bigger always better?


  BurrWalnut 09:46 07 Jun 2005

Personally, I don't think you need 550w as it's the quality that matters, i.e. avoid those that are flimsy and light weight.

Check out the amps on each of the rails. You need about 28amp on the plus3.3v, 35amp on the plus5v, 16amp on the plus12v and 1amp on the minus12v.

  leo49 09:55 07 Jun 2005

No,you can't have too much power per se but with PSUs as with most things the actual power can differ greatly from the quoted power especially at the lower end of the market.Seems that this is very much one area where you get what you pay for and quality costs.

Installing a quality PSU such as a Tagan or Antec is a worthwhile upgrade in itself in terms of noise levels,internal connectablity consistency and reliability.I certainly wouldn't advise being tempted by the cheap & nasty products from the likes of Q-tec ,for example - All that Glisters is not gold.

  DieSse 11:51 07 Jun 2005

Watch out for the differences between ATX (20 pin connector) and the newer ATX2 (24 pin connector).

I concur with the above - quality is preferable to quantity.

And no, you can't have too much power - the PSU only gives out what is asked of it - it's the maximum capacity that matters (and what's normally quoted).

  amonra 14:14 07 Jun 2005

I concur with the above, pay as much as you can afford for a 500w supply, the regulation on the "cheapies" leaves a lot to be desired. They work OK on standard machines but when asked to cope with varying loads when gaming etc, the outputs can vary quite a lot, causing glitches on the supply to the CPU causing unexplained effects.

  Sans le Sou 15:59 07 Jun 2005

With any PSU the output should be steady on all of the rails, any "ripples" will cause problems so as the others say get the best quality that you can afford even if at a lower wattage than 550.

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