upgrading psu help please...

  2drewej 13:46 14 Jun 2008

hi, i would like to ge a 8800gt so have been advised to upgrade my psu..

my current model is a winpower 650w that has two 12v rails at 23a each.

i was thinking of upgrading to this ... OCZ Stealth Xtream 500W

click here

can anyone confirm my current psu will not take a 8800gt and is the psu im looking to buy ok?

  gazzaho 14:27 14 Jun 2008

I've no idea if your power supply will be enough or not but I've read that you need 750w minimum for SLI, the discussion on this forum may give you some indication though.

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From what I can tell your power supply has the wattage but not the amperage for the 8800 gt.

  gazzaho 14:33 14 Jun 2008

Also I don't know if the 8800 gt requires 2 power inputs in order to run like the old FX 5950 ultra in my dinosaur desktop. That OCZ Stealth Xtream 500W only has 1 PCI-E output and is less wattage than your existing PSU.

  2drewej 16:22 14 Jun 2008

thats what i thought ref the watts/amps. i wouldnt be using the card in sli.

i think its only needs one pci-e input (according to some images on google) can anyone confirm this? thanks...

so does anyone know if i actually need to upgrade?

  Stuartli 16:36 14 Jun 2008

These links may cheer you up:

click here

click here

click here

click here


click here==

  citadel 16:43 14 Jun 2008

I would get the card first and see what happens.

  2drewej 17:27 14 Jun 2008

ok thanks for the replys, so it looks like my current psu will run it but only if i use both 12v rails to power it?...

heres a pic of the cables/psu in my pc..
click here

the only thing i was concerned about was the cable adapter not reaching to both molex's as in the pic you can see one is at the top and one at the bottom...

so it would be better to buy the card first and see if it runs ok on my current setup before buying anything new. (just dont want to blow anything up!)

  citadel 18:46 14 Jun 2008

if the card takes a dislike to your psu it will cause games to lock up or similar when playing or at worse windows won't load. it won't blow up.

  RobCharles1981 19:07 14 Jun 2008


Also bearing in mind when you upgrade your graphics card, allot of it will depend on your ram type and speed and your CPU what do you have??

If that was me now Id deffo change your psu for a better branded one.

Something like this click here will blow the socks off your current one by far!!

  2drewej 21:20 14 Jun 2008

thanks for the reply,
i think im ok regarding pc specs ( Q6600 Quad core , 4gb ram)

the pc was brand new off ebay and as you mentioned i was sligtly concerned about the power supply quality and performance..

i dont really have that much to spend, what do you think of the ocz i was considering?

click here


  RobCharles1981 22:47 14 Jun 2008

Go for the 600watt and you should be fine.

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