upgrading processors

  friedcarp 19:34 19 Nov 2005

this may seem like a lame question..but i have never upgraded a processor before.
my pooter has a motherboard whuich supports socket 370 processors.
it currently has a via 533 mhz 133mhz FSB in it.
I bought a pentium 866 (also socket 370) off ebay to replace it.
My motherboard book says it supports FCPGA pentium III 500-933mhz FSB 100mhz or 133 mhz
my new chip is 133mhz FSB socket 370 866mhz

Am i right in presuming i can just pop the new chip in, apply thermal paste then clip on the heatsink and fan, boot up then the everything is done. My m/board book says the bios will auto-detect the chip and set it up but is there anything else i need to do?? (apart from getting ready with a large hammer)
Idiot from Essex

  Diemmess 19:45 19 Nov 2005

You seem to have checked all the right things (electronic) You are inside the laid down recommendations and I hope all goes well for you.
At those speeds you should notice a real improvement (assunming the RAM is adequate).

The mechanism of replacement is easier once you have done it! I would recommend gentleness and cleanliness.
The retaining clip may be stiff but the CPU should almost drop in. Clean off any thermal paste remaining and use the new stuff sparingly. Metal to metal contact is the ideal, but the paste is there to fill any tiny air filled gaps and give best heat tranfer possible.

  friedcarp 19:48 19 Nov 2005

We live and learn...with help from those that have possibly learned the hard way :)

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