Upgrading Processor & Ram

  littlestar 19:33 31 Aug 2010

I have got a 8 Year Old Sony PC ( Model PCV RS322E ) RAM 512mb and Intel Pentium 4 2.60 GHz.

I am a novice and i am looking to upgrade my PC, I have been onto Crucial Memory, and they have sorted out a 2GB of RAM for my Model, but am stuck on purchasing a new quicker Processor, I have got my eyes on a INTEL Core 2 Duo Processor E7500 ( this is compatible with LGA 775 Socket Motherboards ) but will this be compatible to my motherboard ? How do i find out what motherboard i have ?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  MAJ 19:52 31 Aug 2010

"How do i find out what motherboard i have ?"

Download SIW click here It will tell you all about the hardware and software on your computer. It's unlikely that 8 year old MB will support an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. You might have to buy a MB, Processor, Memory bundle.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:56 31 Aug 2010

the IntelCore 2 Duo is unlikey to be compatible with an 8 year old motherboard

the biggest problem you have with that is the ram 512 is very low.

Its probably not worth upgrading onto an old motherboard would would be betteroff fitting a new motherboard bundle. click here

What do you what it to do and what's the budget?

  littlestar 20:03 31 Aug 2010

Thanks guy's, to fit a Motherboard is that a mega job, or could i do it myself ?

  MAJ 20:07 31 Aug 2010

You will probably also need a new PSU. It's not a big job to install the bundle, but it can be to troubleshoot any problems if it doesn't all go to plan, especially if you're not used to working inside the case.

  littlestar 20:24 31 Aug 2010

With my RAM at 512mb, the PC can sometimes work really slow especially if the Wife has been watching live TV Streams from her from Asia.

I have opened the PC up and it looked really easy to change the RAM and the Processor, But if you guys are saying i might need the change the motherboard and the PSU, so for a novice that sounds a daunting prospect, So i think i will just change the RAM from 512mb to 2GB, am sure that will speed it up a little, and then go from there.

Thanks guys for all your advice

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:43 31 Aug 2010

Videos of how to change a motherboard

click here

PSU is even easier, once you have removed the MB
with all cables disconnected from MB its just 4 screws holding PSU in case.

  Armchair 20:51 31 Aug 2010

It has four RAM slots, and can use a maximum of 2Gb. Does it have one 512Mb DIMM installed now? Or two 256Mb DIMMs?

I have a similar-ish set-up. My PC dates from 2003, and has a P4 2.66 and 2 x 512Mb DIMMs. That's it's maximum RAM, and there's no point fitting a different CPU, because the best one it can handle is a P4 3.06. It originally had 2 x 256Mb DIMMs, and it was definitely worthwhile swapping those out.

  littlestar 21:03 31 Aug 2010

Armchair, It has got 2 x 256mb RAM and you are correct it does have 4 RAM slots and a max of 2GB according to Crucial Memory.

So hopefully upgrading to 2GB RAM will make it perform a lot quicker.


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