Upgrading Processor and RAM

  Phil930 05:31 20 Apr 2004

I have an Asus A7N8X which supports XP Processors up to 400FSB and can take the same speed RAM. i current run an XP2400 at 266FSB and 1Gb of PC2100 RAM. I plan to upgrade to the XP3200 400FSB and 1Gb of 400Mhz Memory. My questions are as follows;

1) Will i notice a big performance increase?

2) What should i buy first as i can only buy one at a time.

3) What is the best memory to buy? I have heard a lot of good feedback on Corsair XMS memory. I want very fast memory.

4) I live in the USA at the moment and have no idea where to buy Corsair memory from out here. Does anyone know of any online reliable vendors for me?

I guess most people would say save and wait for PCI Express and buy a 64 bit processor but i plan to do that in a year or so once it drops in price. For now i need a short term cheap upgrade (under $400) which will give me that extra power to do my Uni work.......and play Lock On, Far Cry and Doom 3! My Ti4600 will be upgraded in the summer.

  LeadingMNMs 07:33 20 Apr 2004

Try here for the RAM click here

To answer q.4 first : Crucial.com is the place to go.

q.3 I don't really have answer.

q.2 buy the memory first better to have the memory waiting for the processor than the faster processor waitng for the slow memory causing spurious wait states.

q.1. I should really hope so!

  LeadingMNMs 07:38 20 Apr 2004
  dth 11:05 20 Apr 2004

I don't thing that you would find much real difference on upgrading - unless you are (say) doing heavy duty work like video editing

  TomJerry 11:15 20 Apr 2004

A lot of guys in US get their computer stuff from newegg click here. Very good price.

  TomJerry 11:21 20 Apr 2004

CPU AMD XP3200: $187 click here
1GB RAM $194 (2x$97) click here

You are really luck live in us for computer gears. Cannot get those price in UK.

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