Upgrading processor on my HP

  crazydirthead 17:47 08 Oct 2008

Right now I have a Hp-Compaq-Presario-F756NR. Now, I know a bit about computers, I've built my desktops for years now but never worked on a laptop. So, Heres the dilemma: The Presario Has a tl-58(Dual 1.9Ghz) in it and 2GB of ram. I've already ordered 4GB of RAM, i know it will only recognize 3 or maybe 3.5 of that but thats cool, i wanna leave the option open so that i can upgrade to a 64Bit OS if i want to and have all 4GB. Other Presarios have the tl-60, which is only a 2.0Ghz. So, I play alot of games and other CPU and RAM intensive programs. It freezes on me about every other day. I'm sick of it. I know the TL-58 that I have runs at 31w, what i want to upgrade to is the TL-68, it runs at 35w. I am wondering if this is possible. They seem to be very compatible, I just want to double check. And if it is possible to switch my TL-58 for a TL-68 what will i need to do in order to do that? I know how to physically install it, but would I need to flash anything? Thanks for any help I can Get in advance.

  I am Spartacus 19:53 08 Oct 2008

The Service manual suggests it may take a TL-64 running at 2.2GHz click here&

That's about a 15% speed improvement. Not worth the effort in my view.

Maximum RAM seems to be 2GB PC2-5300 667Mhz DDR2

  jack 08:53 09 Oct 2008

Not enough it seems.

Branded machines such as HP or Dell are designed around a set of components carefully matched to be as efficient as the technology of time allows-with no latitude or very little for upgrading- they are made to do a job of work - end of story.

That is not to say such machines cannot be interfered with[as opposed to improve] but that is only the fun side of it - Been doing for 30 years- before PC's and MS were a twinkle in Bills eye- .
But as I said - have fun but as -I am Spartacus-said 'Hardly worth the effort.'
And now you ask about doing it to lappie -
Sure have fun- but the money would be better spent on a new machine
And as for 64bit Operating System - well that's about all there is out there-64bit operating systems - no 64 bit software to speak of- but I say that, with no knowledge of games- are there any 64 bit games?

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