Upgrading processor - motherboard compatible?

  Charlie Babbage 16:15 22 Aug 2007

A friend wants to upgrade her processor - at present it is AMD-K6 3D running at 381 Mhz. She wants a processor that will run at least 500 Mhz to get Virgin Net Broadband.

Am I right in thinking that the first step is to check that the motherboard would support a faster processor and, if so, how is that done? The RAM also needs upgrading from 32 MB to at least 128 MB. I forgot to check the size of her hard disk -sorry! She's running Win 98 SE but would only upgrade to Win XP, not Vista!

  Stuartli 16:29 22 Aug 2007

To be honest It's hardly worth the effort, especially when base units are so cheap these days.

Have a look, for instance, at:

click here

You'd probably pay more for a 500MHz CPU and extra RAM than the £30, for instance, being asked for the PIII 733MHz system..:-)

  johndrew 16:33 22 Aug 2007

You need to identify the motherboard by its part number/identity and then go to the manufacturer`s site to see what it supports.

To get the motherboard identity you either need to open the case and look for it or use something like Everest Home click here or click here or SIW click here to read the details for you.

  Belatucadrus 16:35 22 Aug 2007

The method would be to run something like Aida32 click here then when you've identified the MOBO, head to the manufacturers website and search out the relevant manual. If available it should let you know what range of processors will be suitable.
That's when the problems are going to start, finding a CPU or RAM modules for a MOBO that old is going to be problematic and likely ridiculously expensive unless she gets lucky on ebay or has a friend with a hoard of archaic odds and ends.
To be honest it's probably going to be more cost effective to guy a MOBO bundle with all the bits chucked in, or even look at a base spec brand new machine, which will not only blow it out of the water performance wise, it'll probably work out cheaper.

  umbongo(uk) 17:20 22 Aug 2007

you can pick k6 cpu,s cheap off ebay if id have known i would have kept mine as i just threw them away

as for the ram i have some 64mb sticks laying around
ill gladly send them if you are wishing to stay with this type of system

but do as above first find out the make/model of mobo post the details so more info can be found

click here

cost her about £7.00 for one.if the motherboard supports it

keep an eye on Stuartli link some good bargans can be had
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