Upgrading from PIII to AMD 64 Mobo

  slimpickins 20:19 10 Sep 2005

I'm upgrading my computer by changing the mobo (& cpu, memory etc). Essentially I'm moving my hard drive to a system.

The trouble is that when I boot up I get an 0x0000007B error because the hard disc doesn't recognise the new mobo. Does anyone have any experience of this and know a solution other than reinstalling XP?

  Stuartli 20:24 10 Sep 2005

XP doesn't always like a new motherboard, so you have to do a Repair XP (NOT Recovery Console).

This preserves the hard drive's configuration, programs, applications etc.

There have been several recent threads on Repairing XP recently but one link (saves retyping the info yet again) is:

click here

  Totally-braindead 20:26 10 Sep 2005

This is exactly the problem that the Forum has been warning someone else about who wishes to clone his entire hard drive over to a new one on a new motherboard. I personally don't know of an easy solution to this but leave perhaps someone else will. From my point of view a new clean installation of windows would certainly be better but I appreciate you don't want to do that.

  slimpickins 11:01 11 Sep 2005

I'll investigate the repair XP option. Sorry if I've posted a duplicate thread, I did try a search but must have chosen the wrong key words.

I do seem to recall, back in the dim, distant pre-XP days, people warning about this sort of problem.

  Stuartli 11:57 11 Sep 2005

I acquired a new (actually an unused OEM Gigabyte 6VX7-4X board that is about four years old) a few weeks ago and did a Repair XP Pro before using the system.

It all went very smoothly (you also/may have to reinstall SP2) plus any updates since the launch of SP2 in August 2004.

The reason, as I stated earlier, is that XP doesn't always like a switch to a new motherboard and the Repair overcomes the possible incompatibility; it also preserves the hard drive's contents and configuration which is a great time saver...:-)


The original advice came from my son, an IT Support Specialist for one of the UK's biggest employers, and I greatly value his opinion as it is based on many years' experience.

  Totally-braindead 16:25 11 Sep 2005

Stuartli wasn't having a dig or anything, I'm just a slow typer and it took me a few minutes to type it and in the meantime you had replied with the solution.

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