Upgrading pc with Vista

  Muzz_former_aol_employee 22:48 10 May 2007

Installed Vista on my PC a few days ago. Decided I'm going to upgrade now I've got £700 to spare so new motherboard, ram, graphics card and cpu, the only thing I'm keeping is sound card, drives and monitor basically.

Does Vista handle a motherboard/cpu change ok or will it need a reinstall/clean format like most previous MS OS's...... anyone tried yet? I mean reinstalling Vista ain't a problem its just the 200gb of music and important files to shift onto another drive to backup.

  skidzy 22:53 10 May 2007

With £700 to splash out,i would recommend buying a new Vista system and Acronis TI 10

Use Acronis to backup the music and important file to an external drive.

Or a mobo bundle from Novatech click here
just an idea for you.

  Totally-braindead 23:19 10 May 2007

Vista I believe handles it in the same way as XP does. If you've registered it on your old PC you might have to contact Microsoft to validate it as it will probably detect its a different motherboard etc and will think its been installed on 2 PCs.
I might be wrong with this but that is what I believe, I also have never changed hard drives over to a new PC and have always done a clean install. Some members of the Forum have though and from what they say it works though they are refering to XP and not Vista, can't advise on it personally as I prefer a clean install and have a backup of all documents etc on my external hard drive.
You might get better answers on the Vista Forum but I'm unsure if any of them will have tried it yet with Vista being so new.

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