Upgrading PC - help v.much appreciated...

  Ico 23:06 06 Jun 2006

This is my PC :
AMD 64 3500
Radeon X800
MSI K8N Neo 4 motherboard
1 gb ram
300gb HD
I'd like to upgrade it to be able to do justice to games such as FEAR and Oblivion. Is this feasible or would it be easier to just buy a new PC? Basically I guess I'm asking how far can I improve my PCs power without having to do anything serious like changing the motherboard.
Appreciate any feedback :)

  keef66 09:09 07 Jun 2006

Replacing the cpu with an Athlon FX might squeeze a little extra speed out of it, but it's probably going to cost a lot and deliver not much.
Increasing the ram to 2 gb might help a little bit, and that's a cheaper option.

The weakest part of your system as far as these top end games are concerned is the graphics card. It's now really a mid range card and doesn't support shader 3 technology.

Your mobo has only 1 PCI-e x16 slot, so bung in the best card you can afford. The X1900XTX is currently the top dog graphics wise.
Just make sure your psu will power it.

Upgrading beyond that, and I think you'd get best value by buying a new gaming pc. Two small HDD's in RAID 0 configuration, faster memory, whatever's the latest CPU, overclocked and water cooled, two top-end grtaphics cards in SLI or crossfire mode, and not much change from 2 grand.

I'm still gaming on a 4 year old Athlon XP 2100+ and have only recently upgraded the graphics to a plain vanilla 6600. I blame the wife, dog and 2 teenagers I have to support

  gudgulf 09:56 07 Jun 2006

click here

The X1900XTXis what you need......and an upgreade to 2GB RAM.

Or you could investigate the new Nvidia 7950 GX2 click here

Thats a mighty powerful SLI setup on a single card!

Your processor is plenty fast enough for any game.Especially as at the sort of resolution (1600x1200) that the X1900XTX will play your games at. Most games are gpu bound....That is the cpu is easily capable of providing more fps than the graphics card can render.

Some games such as RTS (such as Rome Total War) are more cpu dependent but you have power to spare in your cpu for those games too.

Most games are still very much single core orientated and even those that do make full use of dual core processors will run perfectly well on your system.

At a later date you could take advantage of falling socket 939 dual core prices as socket AM2 takes over to replace your cpu.

  Ico 12:35 07 Jun 2006

Many thanks for the replies guys - really appreciate it :)
Think I'll go with some extra memory and an X1900. Not to sure what my power supply is - how do I find out?

  dth 12:50 07 Jun 2006

It is usually shown on the back power supply

  Ico 12:58 07 Jun 2006


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