Upgrading a PC

  jj731 09:13 19 Mar 2003

Looking to upgrade my 12 month old Compaq Presario - add more memory (from 256Mb to 512Mb+) and a better graphics card. What are the main things I need to watch out for? How easy is it? What's all this about earthing myself?

If all you are doing is putting in another stick of ram, you just have to be careful, nothing to "watch out for".

Earthing is to remove the static that your body may be charged with. Most, including myself, simply turn the power off at he wall socket and leave the cable attached to the PC. Then, after touching the metal parts of the case, fit the ram. By doing this you are using the case to discharge any static you may have.

In all, five minute job and most of that is undoing the case!!

  davidg_richmond 09:23 19 Mar 2003

have a look at click here for memory upgrades, there's simply no-one better by all accounts (and its getting boring hearing how good they are!). you can also get graphics cards from them i believe. just select you Presario model on the site and it will tell you what yoou need.

you will find it easy enough to upgrade the memory, just open the case and slot it in. graphics cards are sometimes trickier, depends if Compaq have tied it down (cut off a plastic tie). just remove the existing card and slot in the new.

you are wise to mention earthing yourself - if you touch components you risk damaging them through static electricity built up in your body. i touch a radiator or the system case to earth, then handle the components very carefully, avoiding touching the chips and just holding by the green circuitboard.

good luck!

  « Ravin » 09:24 19 Mar 2003

well earthing yourself is to avoid a discharge of static electricity which will damage components of your computer..so either get the strap or rub your hands on a piece of metal to discharge any static electricity.

go to the compaq web site to get details about the ram and the maximum amount of ram supported by your mother board and the type of ram etc before adding more.click here is a good place to get ram from.

to upgrade your video card check if its a pci one or if you have an agp one ... and whether it is agp 2x or 4x etc.

  « Ravin » 09:25 19 Mar 2003

oops must refresh before posting :)

  davidg_richmond 09:31 19 Mar 2003

lol methinks theres a race to be the first to respond to folk in here! Smiffy we salute you

  « Ravin » 09:43 19 Mar 2003

lol agreed

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