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  bruno 10:37 25 Oct 2006

I gave my Grandson my old PC which has a PC Chips Skt A M810 motherboard with a 1gb Duron processor.He wants to upgrade it.Where can I find up to date information on which new processor would fit this board?It says in the book it supports Skt 462 type.If he decided to go with a new barebones system from someone like Nova tech,how we he stand with using his current full copy of XP Home?Would he be able to re-activate it?

  Belatucadrus 11:48 25 Oct 2006
  terryf 11:51 25 Oct 2006

Processor - google for 'processor skt 462'
Full copy should be no problem to activate on his new PC, OEM copy not

  Strawballs 12:04 25 Oct 2006

As terryf said if it was a boxed retail copy then no problem as you would be moving it from one to another but if it was an OEM copy then it would not work as the new motherboard would stop it working.
If moving the hard drive to a different machine you would still need to format and clean install because of driver conflicts.

  terryf 12:07 25 Oct 2006

Instead of a barebones system he could click here? maybe for the same as a barebones without the hassle, or maybe kind Grandad could (would) help?

  ed-0 18:53 25 Oct 2006

As to which cpu you could use, it would depend on which version of the M810 motherboard you have.

the list of M810 boards click here

this is the cpu support for the oldest motherboard click here

  bruno 08:25 26 Oct 2006

Thank you all for the replies I will follow them up to see what to do.

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