Upgrading an Operating System

  The Kestrel 17:45 24 Jan 2005

My son's computer runs on Windows 98 1st Edition, and I wish to include it on my wireless network so that he can access the internet. I have a Netgear DG834G modem router, and at present, my wife's computer wirelessly networked via a Netgear USB 2 adapter.

The Netgear adapters only seem to work with Windows 98 2nd Edition upwards. I am therefore planning to upgrade my son's computer to XP Home Edition. My question is when I upgrade do I need to uninstall Windows 98 before using the upgrade CD, and secondly will all his existing programs and files run without problem after upgrading?

  Completealias 17:49 24 Jan 2005

No you will not need to uninstall 98 to upgrade as to if all his programs will work afterwords is a different matter it depends on what programs they are as some may some may not

  quack 18:11 24 Jan 2005

Assuming you have a new XP disc and are not trying to load XP on a second machine which may cause activation problems. Just boot the machine and then insert the XP disk it will ask if you want to install Windows XP answer to the affirmative and it will then default to upgrade installation again affirm and follow the onscreen instructions. If you choose to upgrade all files etc will be retained. If on the other hand you choose a new installation you will lose the lot but will have a clean installation of XP. The choice is yours.

  ACOLYTE 18:18 24 Jan 2005

There should be a Compatability wizard on the cd
you can run this and it will tell you what will/wont work with xp most probably you will need driver updates,depends how old the stuff conected to the pc is.

  The Kestrel 14:12 25 Jan 2005

Many thanks for all your contributions. I did not know about the Compatability wizard, which will make the upgrade easier to carry out successfully.

  Gongoozler 14:21 25 Jan 2005

If you are upgrading a Windows 98 computer to run XP, the most important thing in my experience is to have MORE than 128M of memory. Microsoft imply that 128M is suitable, but if you don't have more than that, you are likely to suffer from recurring crashes and system hangs. An additional 64M will help a lot but I recommend at least 256M. You also need 2G hard drive space for Windows XP itself, so 10G is really the minimum for XP, a few programs and some saved files.

  Chezdez 14:27 25 Jan 2005

one more thing to note!!

if you are using an XP upgrade disc, you will need an existing version of windows on the harddrive already, or else it will simply refuse to install

there are ways round this, but this is not the place to discuss that....

oh yeah, remember to back up to CD (if he has a burner installed) or to pen drive, anything he needs (school/college work possibly?). i formatted yesterday, backed up everything except my e-mails.... :S

  The Kestrel 17:53 25 Jan 2005

Thanks Gongoozler and Chezdez for your recommendations, I will take them into account, especially the amount of RAM, as I think he only has 128Mb. He has a 20Gb HD so should have enough space for installation and files.

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