upgrading old pc

  I-W 20:55 20 Feb 2004

iv got a pc which iv had for some years, about 7 years and i wanna up-grade to try and make it faster then the snail it is at the moment. im only a novice at computers but what iv picked up from reading mags and talking to people is that i may need to change my processor, as the comp has got the original one in. now would i have to change the motherboard. plus the computer has only got 63 mb of ram (i think) would this make a difference to the speed. Any help would great thankyou. :)

  woodchip 21:10 20 Feb 2004

This is the Basic you will get away with.

New ATX Case from about £10 as yours will more than likely not upgrade it will be a AT box click here

New Motherboard from about £16 click here

New CPU click here

Memory click here

  Belatucadrus 21:18 20 Feb 2004

Getting bits to upgrade a PC that old is likely to be ridiculously expensive, unless you can pick up second hand at a computer fair or ebay. If you buy a new motherboard you will have to buy a new chip and memory and possibly a new case. By the time you've done that there is probably little point in sticking the old video card, sound card and hard drive to it as they will not be up to spec. So it may work out cheaper to buy a newer one.

If you want to optimise what you've got, have a look to see if you can upgrade the video card (Check the available slots, I doubt a 7 year old board would support an AGP card, you may have to look for a PCI version). Then back up everything and reformat. It'll never support much in the way of new games or video editing but should be improved.

  SimonC 21:19 20 Feb 2004

Wotcha mate have to say that upgrading a 7 year old PC is not really a viable option unless u r gonna buy second hand parts. U r right in assuming a new processor would mean a new motherboard and the chances of something as modern as an ATX board fitting your case is pretty remote. Depending on how old the memory is u would almost certainly need to invest in new memory. In short the main salvageable( is that even a word?;)) parts will be your monitor, CD Drives, hard drive,(space permitting) and maybe your memory. I know this may sound extreme but it is an extremely dated system (no offense).

Hope this is of some help 2 u, good luck


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