Upgrading from NTL dialup to NTL BB(on phone line)

  g0slp 09:57 21 Oct 2004

Today & tomorrow the work to allow me to upgrade is being done by BT & NTL. The postie's just delivered the modem & Installation CD, but looking at the computer which I am going to use for the connection, I've found that it's already got a built-in DSL connection for BB.

The machine is a HP pavilion running XP.

The question is, would it be better to set everything up at first using the newly supplied modem (which connects to the machine via a USB port) by following the NTL instructions, or attempt to set up the existing DSL connection? If I choose to do the former, am I likely then to run into problems when changing over to the existing DSL connection, if indeed it's possible to do this. I'm trying to reduce the cables & other clutter on/under the desk...

Obviously the usual setting of Restore Points before fiddling will be done.

Has anyone else done this?

I've trawled the search facility in PCA, but to no avail.

Thanks in advance.

  pjwheeldon 10:09 21 Oct 2004

Do you have a ethernet/Lan port? This is by far the best option to use for NTL broadband. Just set up 3 PC's (all XP he)and none needed any software installing, just picked the broadband modem up straight out of the box.

  Graham ® 10:12 21 Oct 2004

Can you clarify a DSL connection, please? It is unlikely the PC would have an internal ADSL modem when shipped.

  ste_bla 10:53 21 Oct 2004

If you do have an internal dsl modem then simply right click on my computer then hardware settings find your modem and then disable it and the computer will act as if its not there..

  g0slp 13:01 21 Oct 2004

The DSL unit is an Intel(R)AnyPoint(R) DSL Modem 2240

I use the ethernet/LAN port for an existing network, on which I have 1 more XP machine & 2 off W98SE machines.


  Graham ® 13:52 21 Oct 2004

In that case use the internal modem. You can easily change things later. Some info:

click here

  g0slp 13:59 21 Oct 2004

Thanks for link. I'll try & read up later today.

I'm sure that it should be possible to use this device without too much difficulty.

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