Upgrading Norton.....???

  AdventCalendar 13:20 19 Jan 2003
  AdventCalendar 13:20 19 Jan 2003


Ive had Norton A/V and Firewall 2002 on my machine for the past 12 months....its come to the time to renew.

Im thinking about upgrading to the systemworks 2003...if i purchase this package, will it automatically upgrade what i have, and add the addtional programmes extra???

does that make sense???



  jazzypop 13:23 19 Jan 2003

SystemWorks 2003 does not include the firewall (check Symantec's website for details of the various packages they offer).

The A/V will just be updated.

Personally, I prefer the free Sygate firewall anyway, so the 'loss' of their firewall is not an issue for me.

  JoeC 13:27 19 Jan 2003

for the bundle that Symantec are offering on their website - Firewall and AV 2003. : }

  firstagent 13:32 19 Jan 2003

My impression is that many people here use the NAV only. I ahve read other comments that Norton stuff can cause problems or that alternatives are better.

  AdventCalendar 13:35 19 Jan 2003

its a bit late now though, as ive ordered the software :(

  jazzypop 13:39 19 Jan 2003

13:20 - "Im thinking about upgrading..."

13:23 - reply posted

13:35 - "its a bit late now..."

Wow, you don't hang about, do you :)

  AdventCalendar 13:42 19 Jan 2003

No i dont hang around! :-)

  Tog 13:46 19 Jan 2003

I couldn't see much difference in SystemWorks between 2002 and 2003 so I just went for NIS 2003 with the parental controls. If you have registered your products with Symantec, what they call an upgrade (when they send out the special offers) is in fact a full product.

I had to uninstall NIS and the NAV part of SystemWorks prior to installation so you may find you need to check with the instructions to see which way round you install the 2 packages to avoid conflicts.

  AdventCalendar 13:50 19 Jan 2003

i didnt take up the offer to upgrade with symantec as i had planned to go for the syst works 2003 package.

  muscic lover 13:54 19 Jan 2003

Why, if you were going to 'buy' the product in 15 minutes, did you ask for opinions? It can take a while for a pertanent answer appear!

Still, your choice..... Good luck, hope it does what you want!

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