Upgrading to new motherboard -HELP!

  christor 17:06 27 Mar 2004

Hey all,

Having just been bought a pc with a pretty dire motherboard, I'm considering upgrading it to one that can agpx8, my only worry is that the pc is a hp pc - will there be any problems here is I was to install a new motherboard and just use all the same components? If correctly installed would the cpu, ram, HD etc still work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

  Paranoid Android 17:24 27 Mar 2004

What PC have you got ?


  Indigo 1 17:48 27 Mar 2004
  Rayuk 17:52 27 Mar 2004

I would check on whether you can use Windows that came with your pc if you change the motherboard.

  christor 18:23 27 Mar 2004

I've got a hp t250.uk - it's a p4 2.66ghz, 512ram, 120gb HD. The prob is that I've ot a radeon 9800pro graphics card, but my machine only goes up as far as agpx4 so while the card works, it would be presumably much better with improved agp capablilty - hence the reason for my upgrade.

I only ask all this becasue I was once told that hp/compaq computers were slightly different to normal pc's and since I know little or nothing about pcs, I did not know whether or not this person was telling the truth.

Any more help would be great, cheers.

  Rayuk 18:25 27 Mar 2004

The difference between 4x and 8x isnt enough to warrant all the trouble and expense you are putting yourself to.

  christor 18:34 27 Mar 2004

Oh ok,

Cheers for the help anyway.

  Paranoid Android 21:44 27 Mar 2004


  christor 21:46 27 Mar 2004

ta all!

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