upgrading my pc

  jimmyjetter 10:02 11 Jul 2003

i have got a compaq desktop pc running on a 1.4 amd athlon; 256 of ram;40 gb hard drive and home xp i want to run faster as when i am doing more than one task it slows right down. do i need to upgrade my processor or just upgrade my memory (or both) and can i have ddr memory instead of rdram thankyou

  Yo Sammady Sam 10:20 11 Jul 2003

As far as Im aware, if your pc uses SDRAM memory then no you cant use DDR memory. If you have any free slots then by adding more SDRAM from Crucial could speed it up a bit. This would be easier and cheaper than upgrading your processor.
To upgrade the processor you will have to find out what type of socket or slot the processor fits into for compatibility with a faster one.

Another simpler idea could be to remove some unused programs from your computer. If there are lots of programs running in the background these will all take up resources and could slow you down.

  DieSse 10:23 11 Jul 2003

"can i have ddr memory instead of rdram"

No they are not interchangeable, and in any case RDRAM is faster than DDR.

More RAM, is a good way to speed up multitasking in WinXP - which will run much better if you can double your RAM.

To know whether your system can take a fster processor, you should look on the Compaq site, on which you can identify the exact model you have, and check if it can take a faster processor. If you have a problem doing this, come back with your precise model and serial number.

  jimmyjetter 11:29 11 Jul 2003

thanks alot mate i have just been online to compaq they were not much help as my compaq is a model 5335 and they do not have this in there data base due to it being made in and out of the usa they just said it should go up to 768mb of memory and advised me to contact someone over here to find out about the processor so if you can help anymore that would be great thanks alot

  jimmyjetter 11:31 11 Jul 2003

pc even tho its is coming up a 1.4 they said it is only a 1.3amd if that is any help thanks again

  DieSse 11:42 11 Jul 2003

Please advise exact model and serial number - eg dsktop/laptop/whatever - Deskpro/Presario/whatever - full model number and serial number.

It'll all be on the product somewhere.

  jimmyjetter 11:51 11 Jul 2003

it is a presario compaq desktop pc model 5335ea processor 1.3ghz/200

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